Motherwort Through History | Herbal Academy |Here at the Academy, we often talk about the history and traditions of herbs. In this post we are focusing on the history of motherwort. Come learn with us!
  ON May 31,2017

Motherwort Through History

Here at the Academy, we often talk about historical knowledge and folk tradition comprising one of the legs of the three-legged stool that informs our understanding of a plant’s therapeutic uses. Scientific studies and the first-hand experience of modern herbalists are the other legs that complete the stool, balancing and reinforcing one another to give…

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  ON September 12,2016

Lemon Balm: The Immortal Life of Bees

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) goes by many names: bee balm, Melissa, heart’s delight, and sweet balm. Whatever we call it, bees adore the plant. Lemon balm has been used enthusiastically by beekeepers and healers since ancient times. And it’s no wonder. This member of the mint family has an irresistible scent—the leaves smell both minty and…

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Sheltering with Valerian – the history of herbs
  ON February 25,2014

Sheltering with Valerian

In January, I wrote about medicinal herbs in England use during World War II, and this month I would like to follow-up up with a bit more information about one of the most important plants that were collected and used, valerian. England needed effective medicines to supply the home front, so the Vegetable Drugs Committee…

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The Use of Medicinal Plants in World War II - Print 1200 by Herbal Academy
  ON January 14,2014

Medicinal Plant Use in World War II

I appreciate the opportunity to write as a guest blogger, and in particular, I am glad to share some of my most current research. Right now, I am hard at work on a book on plant uses during World War II—everything from victory gardens and rationed food to medicines, fibers, timber, airplanes, camouflage, and agriculture….

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