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California Poppy Benefits + Recipe | Herbal Academy | Learn a materia medica on the beneficial California poppy benefits, plus a recipe for California Poppy Vinegar.
  ON April 29,2021

California Poppy Benefits + Recipe

California poppy (Eschscholzia californica), the state flower of California, is a beautiful wildflower that has been an ally to western-dwelling Indigenous peoples for long before there was a United States, let alone a United States Pharmacopeia. In this post, I will share with you a materia medica on the beneficial California poppy benefits, which should…

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  ON April 20,2020

Nettle Vinegar: A Spring Alterative Recipe

A number of herbal allies are especially well-suited for spring—alterative herbs being one of our favorites. Alterative herbs are a great support to the liver and are useful for gentle cleansing and detoxification. The great news is that they can be incorporated into your daily wellness routine with simple recipes, like nettle vinegar, to help…

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  ON July 31,2015

Art of the Alcohol-Free Apothecary

Extracting herbs in alcohol is a quick and simple way to preserve their benefits for later use, so it’s no wonder that the little brown bottles of extract have become ubiquitous. Pre-made extracts are available for sale in almost every herb shop, and it’s easy to mix up a batch at home using vodka or…

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