Video: How To Make An Herbal Honey | Herbal Academy | If you’re interested in learning how to make your own herbal honey, we’ve made a short video that will walk you through the steps to creating your very own!
  ON January 25,2018

Video: How To Make An Herbal Honey

An herbal honey is one of the tastiest herbal preparations one can make. They require little time to create, and they can be used in many different ways. Plus, they’re full of healthy benefits! An herbal honey can be made using fresh or dried herbs, but keep in mind that if you use fresh herbs,…

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  ON August 13,2015

Cooling Down with Summer Rose

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is the season of yang and is associated with the fire element, the Heart, and Small intestine. Energy peaks and it is the time of growth, light, and abundance. Summer is the season of joy and for most of us, it is a more relaxed and fun time of year….

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  ON April 30,2015

Herbal Honey Recipes For Kids

Do you love honey? Believe it or not you can make honey even more tasty by infusing it with your favorite herbs. Making your own delightful herbal honey is great to try out with kids and share with family and friends. Herbal honey this is one of the most delectable ways to preserve and enjoy…

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Cold and flu tea
  ON January 13,2014

8 Supportive Herbs for Colds and Flu

Colds and flu are at its peak right now and it hits hard and fast. While prevention is the best defense, what do we do when symptoms hit? Some of us prepare for the cold and flu season in the fall by starting our fire cider and tinctures to stay healthy and treat illness at…

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