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Cheesecloth Ghosts: A Halloween Craft For the Whole Family by Herbal Academy
  ON October 11,2023

Cheesecloth Ghosts: A Halloween Craft For the Whole Family

Who remembers this spooktacular craft from their own childhood? A fun tradition that we very much want to pass along to all our herbalist friends, Halloween cheesecloth ghosts are cute, easy, and customizable. As an herbalist, you may just have everything you need on hand to create these adorable seasonal crafts. Plus, this gives you…

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  ON September 30,2022

Sanderson Sisters S’mores With Herbal Chocolate and Marshmallow Root Marshmallows

Create your own black flame chocolate, dripping in herbal goodness with a hint of rose flavor. Whip up homemade fluffy marshmallows made with the very ingredient they were named after — marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis). Sandwich them between two graham crackers and you’ll have the tastiest bite of s’mores you’ve tried yet!  “Sisters, we’ve been…

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  ON October 14,2021

DIY Herbal Halloween Lollipop Recipe

It’s officially time to break out those cauldrons and brew up something sweet for a Halloween treat! This homemade herbal lollipop recipe is a delicious candy filled with rich flavor and simple ingredients.   Watch the Golden Liquid Rise As the concoction bubbled and boiled, I felt like a Sanderson sister stirring up something on a…

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