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  ON October 02,2020

Using Goldenrod: A Late Summer Cordial Recipe

Goldenrod (Solidago spp.) flourishes abundantly on roadsides and meadows in late summer and fall. In the plant family, Asteraceae, the genus name “Solidago” is derived from the Latin word “solidare” which translates to, “make whole or heal.” This is a helpful clue into the many ways people have been using goldenrod for centuries. Aptly named,…

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3 Tips For Foraging Goldenrod This Year | Herbal Academy | Are you looking for an herb to forage this fall? Goldenrod is a great choice! We have three tips to keep in mind when you are foraging goldenrod this year.
  ON September 26,2017

3 Tips For Foraging Goldenrod This Year

As we move into fall, the colors of the landscape begin to change from the brilliant reds, purples, lavenders, and pinks of summer to the deeper colors of autumn—yellows, golds, oranges, deep reds, and browns. As these seasonal changes in nature relate to our own rhythms, I was taught to eat and make herbal preparations…

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  ON September 03,2014

Health Benefits of Goldenrod (+ Tea Recipe)

You know it’s late summer when you see the beautiful and stately goldenrod plant gracing our yards, meadows, and waste spaces. It mixes in so beautifully with Joe-Pye weed, queen Anne’s lace, and loostrife. I am among the many who grew up thinking goldenrod was ragweed (learn about their differences here) and responsible for the late…

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Goldenrod for allergy season
  ON March 25,2014

4 Natural Allies for Allergy Season

With the recent passing of the vernal equinox, we have now officially entered the season of spring. For many of us, this time of year translates to longer days, the planting of our herbal gardens, and an ever-increasing need to wear sunglasses. For others of us, this time of year translates to allergy season. Indeed,…

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