9 Edible Flowers and How To Use Them | Herbal Academy | Discover how to use edible flowers and take a closer look at nine of our favorites!
  ON June 09,2017

9 Edible Flowers And How To Use Them

The use of edible flowers in cooking is an act of pure earthly delight! Fragrance and sheer beauty combine to create a truly sensually scrumptious experience right on your plate. You may be surprised to learn that there are a wide variety of flowers to enjoy. Discover how to enjoy using edible flowers and take…

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Borage - The "Heart Comforting” Herb | Herbal Academy | Every wondered about borage? If so, learn some fun ways to use it here!
  ON July 07,2012

Borage – The “Heart Comforting” Herb

The topic of the day is borage! Botanical name: Borago officinalis. I have taken pictures of the borage plants growing in the garden here at the herbal cottage. The leaves are hardy and fuzzy, and the tops of the plants are flowering with beautiful blue, star-shaped flowers. Borage The aerial parts of this plant are…

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