3 DIY Honey Face Wash Recipes For Your Constitution | Herbal Academy | Looking for a DIY face wash recipe? These 3 DIY honey face wash recipes are easy to make and great for your skin. Say goodbye to pre-made face cleansers!
  ON February 04,2020

3 DIY Honey Face Wash Recipes For Your Constitution

I once heard that you should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. Truly, caring for your skin is as important as caring for any other organ. After all, our skin is our shield, our protection, and our presentation to the outside world.  If you are looking for simple, wholesome DIY face…

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  ON October 08,2015

Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinses

Every season provides a new way to strain and damage your hair. The sand and salt water of the ocean in summer can leave you with lusterless locks. The winter winds and ice leave your hair crispy and exhausted. The humid days bring frizz and fuss to anyone who dares step outside. Whenever I notice…

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  ON April 08,2015

DIY Fine and Dandy Facial Serum

My son and I were out on our walk the other day, and I realized we’re full blown in the middle of spring here in Texas. Everywhere I turn, I am seeing dandelions pop up all over the place! Last spring I taught you how to Sweeten Your Breakfast with Dandelion Flower Syrup, so I…

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  ON March 24,2015

Skin Care Tips and Simple Recipes for Spring

Although you might feel energized by the warmer weather when spring comes around, your skin could be suffering. Here are some springtime skin care tips to help you prettify your skin.  Get Rid of Winter in Your Spring Beauty Regimen   Before you can focus on gorgeous spring beauty, you first need to get rid…

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