11 Mar 2015

Spring Reads for Children

Reading with children is a wonderful way to feed their imaginations and open their eyes to new ideas. Reading about the natural world with children — well, that’s just magical. There is something about the way their eyes light up and their natural curiosity is piqued that makes exploring nature with children through books especially rewarding. Not to mention the requisite cozy snuggles that go along with this endeavor!

We’ve collected several of our favorite children’s books here to help you select titles for story time nature wanderings. From botany, gardening, and bugs to the beauty and rhythms of nature, these books will elicit curiosity and delight in your young ones.

After story time, introduce your child to the wondrous world of herbalism by following along in our 8-part Herbal Adventure for Kids article series. And check out the Kid’s Cupboard for more articles on herbalism for children!

Spring Reads for the Whole Family

Children of the Forest

By: Elsa Beskow

A beautifully illustrated book about the forest children who live in the roots of an old pine tree, forage wild food, and play with the forest animals.  The also prepare food for the long winter. Get the book.

Planting a rainbow

Planting a Rainbow

By: Lois Ehlert

This book is ideal for children in preschool through first grade. It delves into planning a garden and learning about the process of growing and harvesting with the seasons. This is a colorful celebration of the cycle of planting. Get the book.

From seed to plant

From Seed to Plant

By: Gail Gibbons

This book introduces the plant cycle from seed pollination to mature growth. You will marvel at the colorful illustrations and the wonderful project on how to grow a bean plant. Get the book.

I Took the Moon for a Walk

By: Carolyn Curtis

In lyrical verse, Carolyn Curtis takes us on a walk with a young boy who decides to take his friend the moon on a nighttime adventure. Get the book.

I Like Bugs

By: Margaret Wise Brown

A wonderful rhyming story about bugs of all colors and shapes. Get the book.

The Reason for a Flower

The Reason for a Flower

By: Ruth Heller

This is charming and captivating in its approach to teaching botany to our little ones. Get the book.

Miss Rumphius

By: Barbara Cooney

Miss Rumphius lives in a house by the sea.  She wants nothing more than to make the world more beautiful. Come see what blooms in Miss Rumphius’ world! Get the book.

Plant a Seed Coloring Book

By: Uncle Amon

A beautifully illustrated book on how to plant a seed and grow your own plant. Get the book for just 99¢ on Amazon.

The Curious Garden

By: Peter Brown

What can one boy who longs to make the world a greener place do? Get the book.

Jack's Garden

Jack’s Garden

By: Henry Cole

Building a garden can be a beautiful thing. See what Jack builds! Get the book.

One Bean

By: Anne Rockwell

A cheerful narration of what happens when you plant a bean. This is a lovely plant journey from bean to bowl! Get the book.

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