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  ON February 25,2020

10 Herbal Crafts for Long Winter Days

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea and a winter herbal craft project to help brighten long, cold days in the Northern Hemisphere. These 10 herbal craft projects are inspired by plants, and a few of them even involve taking a walk to find materials in nature, which is therapeutic in and of…

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10 Ways To Inspire Herbal Curiosity In Children | Herbal Academy | Here are 10 ways you can inspire herbal curiosity in children by using nature.
  ON March 07,2016

10 Ways To Inspire Herbal Curiosity In Children

Spending time with children in the natural world is enjoyable and enlightening. Children notice far more than we do because they are newer to all of creation and much more curious. But, as adults, where does curiosity go? We adults tend to exchange our curiosity for a more pragmatic acceptance of the way things are….

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food on a budget
  ON September 03,2015

Healthy Food on a Budget

One of the most common difficulties on a journey towards a more holistic life is the cost of nourishing foods. While it is true that unhealthy foods carry other costs such as illness and inflammation, for those of us living on a tight budget the reality is often that these lower quality foods are more…

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  ON September 03,2015

Choosing Safe Herbs for Your Kids

Herbs and kids go together like two peas in a pod, with many lovely, gentle herbs that children readily respond to. These botanicals can be used to not only bring aid to little ones during times of illness but also to inspire children with the wonders of nature and the plant world. Yet, if we…

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  ON March 11,2015

Spring Reads for Children

Reading with children is a wonderful way to feed their imaginations and open their eyes to new ideas. Reading about the natural world with children — well, that’s just magical. There is something about the way their eyes light up and their natural curiosity is piqued that makes exploring nature with children through books especially…

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Introduction to Herbs for Kids
  ON February 27,2015

Introduction to Herbs for Kids: Meet My Friend, Herb!

Meet My Friend, Herb! Part One Hi Kids! I am so glad you are joining us! We are about to go on an adventure. An adventure into the green world of plants where we will find a magical world of healing and friendship. Here we will start with some basics. What is an herb? How can…

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  ON November 20,2014

A Child’s Winter Herb Garden

One of the things we all miss most once the snows fall in our home town is the bounty of the herb garden. The herbs grow sort of grow thither and yon at our place and the children are very used to munching mint and having sword fights with lavender whenever they please. Well, this…

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