ON August 07,2020

Anise Monograph: Pimpinella Anisum

The following anise monograph is an example of the type of thorough, well-researched monographs available on our membership site, The Herbarium. Common Name: Anise burnet saxifrage, aniseed, anise, anise seed, sweet cumin Botanical Name: Pimpinella anisum L. Family Name: Apiaceae TCM Name: Hui Xiang or Da Hui Xiang Ayurvedic Name: Saunf Native to: P. anisum…

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7 Best Plants for a Beginner's Herb Garden | Herbal Academy | In this article, we share seven easy-to-grow and useful herbs for a beginner’s herb garden, along with tips for using and growing each one. 
  ON July 29,2020

7 Best Plants for a Beginner’s Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs is a time-tested way to deepen your relationship with the plants in your apothecary. I’ll never forget the first time I brushed against sage (Salvia officinalis) in my own garden and was surprised at how cool the velvety leaves felt against my skin. Later, when I learned that sage is often…

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Handmade Floral Paper: A Family-Friendly Project | Herbal Academy | You can make your own floral paper and then use it to make the prettiest cards, bookmarks, and more. This activity is great for all ages! 
  ON July 22,2020

Handmade Floral Paper: A Family-Friendly Project

Herbal craft projects help fuel our creativity and reinvigorate our connection with the natural word. Like all plant lovers, our hearts skip a beat whenever we’re presented with just-for-fun herbal creations, like homemade floral cookies and pressed flower arrangements. As such, you can imagine our excitement when a few of our resident herbalists presented the…

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Botany Beginnings: Who was Theophrastus? | Herbal Academy | Theophrastus is known as the “father of botany” because his descriptive writings helped create a new frontier in scientific botanical terminology.
  ON July 21,2020

Botany Beginnings: Who was Theophrastus?

Approximately 2,300 years ago, a time which we can somewhat imagine through the marble monuments still standing and the relatively few parchments that have survived, a person named Theophrastus (c. 370 BCE – c. 287 BCE) reportedly wrote 227 books about animals, trees, shrubs, fruits, and flowers. Although he wasn’t the only scientific writer at…

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Comfrey Cream Recipe for Achy Joints and Muscles | Herbal Academy | Learn how to make this simple comfrey cream recipe featuring comfrey root tincture to ease achy joints and muscles naturally.
  ON July 17,2020

Comfrey Cream Recipe for Achy Joints and Muscles

Can a comfrey (Symphytum officianale) root extraction help ease aching joints and muscles? Many of those following the folk use of comfrey up to present-day think so. Additionally, there is scientific research demonstrating comfrey’s effectiveness at soothing muscle and joint pain, some of which are highlighted in this post.  The warm weather has a way…

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