ON March 21,2023

Herbal Blood Sugar Balance Recipe

A hot topic that has been circulating lately is the importance of blood sugar balance. Glycemia, also known as blood sugar level or blood glucose level, is the measure of glucose concentration in the blood. This level fluctuates throughout the day and is affected by the food you eat, your lifestyle, hormones, and even your…

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  ON March 17,2023

How to Make Coffee Extract + A Dark Chocolate Delights Recipe

Aside from being one of the most popular morning wake-up beverages, the coffee bean (Coffea spp.) is a plant that offers a range of health benefits. For many coffee drinkers, sipping a morning cup of coffee is a cherished ritual—it’s not just about the caffeine pick-me-up, but also about the smell, flavor, aroma, and brewing…

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  ON March 14,2023

How to Make Newspaper Seedling Pots for Your Garden This Year

Growing food in your backyard (or even on a porch or windowsill) is one of the simplest and most rewarding ways to nourish yourself, be self-sufficient, and connect with nature in a hands-on way. The following excerpt is taken from Gardening for Everyone by sustainability expert Julia Watkins which shares everything you need to know…

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  ON March 07,2023

To Pot or Plot: The Advantages of Container Gardening

Whether you’re planning your garden for the first or the fiftieth time this spring, deciding what to plant where is an essential part of the process. Whether to pot or plot the plant in your garden should be part of your considerations. You may choose container gardening if you have a lack of traditional garden…

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  ON March 04,2023

Respiratory Support Honey for Spring Allergies

The following book excerpt is taken from The Herbal Kitchen by Kami McBride and used with permission. If you’re an herb nerd with spring allergies, you face a bit of a conundrum. While the Earth bursts with color and birdsong, you might feel the urge to run indoors instead of out. But as we head…

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  ON February 28,2023

Herbal Academy Student Feature: Jess Buttermore (@cedarhouseliving)

For this installment of our Student Feature series, we spoke with Jess Buttermore (@cedarhouseliving), owner of Cedar House Living LLC, where she shares her photography, gardening, crafting, and writing skills, and sells seasonal living items including flower and herb seeds, dahlia tubers, gardening guides, handmade herbal goods, and even sourdough starter packs. Jess has completed…

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  ON February 17,2023

Orange Peel Tincture Blend for Digestive Support

As a student going through Herbal Academy’s Introductory Herbal Course, I was inspired by a lesson in which herbalist Guido Masé shared how to make digestive bitters. His enthusiasm was contagious, and I felt excited to create my own orange peel tincture blend. I am constantly amazed at the power of herbs, and I find…

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