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9 Sep 2015

97% Off Herbal Resources

As they say, there is a first time for everything!

We’re beyond thrilled to fill you in on a “hush hushproject we’ve been cooking up this summer. We’re excited to announce a new deal for our membership program, which may be a one time savings; so tune in and get the scoop…

Here at the Academy, it’s always been our mission to provide high quality, affordable herbal studies programs to empower our students in their journey and in their education. We celebrate the community-centered spirit of herbalism by collaborating with a wide diversity of herbalists to create an herbal school that presents many herbal traditions and points of view.

It’s our goal offer affordable education so that we can help grow the global herbal community, and as a part of that we strive to be missional with our offerings! We strongly believe in the life changing power of herbs so when we come across opportunities to share our knowledge with a larger “mainstream” audience, we jump onboard!

97% Off Herbal Resources Deal!

We’re excited to announce that we have partnered up with our new friends Ryan and Stephanie at Ultimate Living Bundles along with dozens of other health and wellness experts to bring together over 90 products, ebooks, online courses, and memberships in one amazing package. We are thrilled to offer The Herbarium membership as part of this year’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle!

The Herbarium membership along with the rest of these healthy living and herbal resources are valued at over $2,000, but for the next few days they’ll be sold together at 97% off!

That’s $29.97

That’s $15 less than the cost of an Herbarium membership! In fact, it is the lowest price we’ve ever offered any membership.

We know that many of you are waiting for the right sale or the right time to register in your herbal studies. We wanted to reach out to you first with this information. Well, this might be the perfect time!

Nettle Monograph in The Herbarium

What’s Included in the Healthy Living Bundle

There are over 90 offerings included in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. While not all of these ebooks and classes may be a fit for you, here are some of the categories we are most excited about and think you will be excited about, too!

Natural Remedies Ebooks and Membership

In this section, you will find our Herbarium membership, along with a number of other ebooks on natural remedies and herbs. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will notice Treating Features Naturally in this group, which we reviewed earlier this year!

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2015 is available only until September 14!

Ebooks and Courses on Essential Oils

Essential Oils are definitely a hot topic right now as you probably already know! Some of these books and courses are great reading materials if you are interested in learning more about using EOs. We already have our hands on some of these books, a few favorites being Simple Scrubs and DIY Personal Care, and The Beginners Book of Essential Oils.

While these books can be fantastic resources, please be very careful about using essential oils, especially with children. For more reading about essential oil safety, choosing quality essential oils, and practices please start with our Ultimate Essential Oils Guide on the blog.

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2015 is available only until September 14!

Creating a Natural DIY Home

Some of these books are repeated from the essential oils category, but we wanted to share them again. We especially love the books Detox Your Home and DIY Natural Household Cleaners!

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle 2015 is available only until September 14!

To learn more about all of the products offered in this package and to take advantage of the deal, visit the 2015 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle website. As the nature of these promotions, the sale will only last a few days so hurry over there to see if it’s something you may be interested in.

It is our hope that by affiliating with the bundle and offering our membership for pennies to the dollar, we will have the opportunity to reach many new readers with the wonderful, life changing power of herbalism. We look forward to opening our doors to new readers and growing our online herbal community, and we welcome you to join us for the journey!

The Herbarium is a useful tool for building your Materia Medica

Already A Member?

If you are already a member in The Herbarium, we are more than happy to extend your membership by one year should you choose to purchase the 2015 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. This may also be the perfect opportunity to invite a curious friend into the world of herbalism, or give the gift of our membership to a loved one you know will value it!

Here’s to building community, spreading the good word and changing lives!