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  ON March 14,2019

Can You Make A Career Out Of Herbalism?

In our last post, we talked about what a Family Herbalist is and what that could look like in one’s life as an introduction to our Herbalist Profile Series. A Family Herbalist will often stick close to home, applying their herbal knowledge and resourcefulness to good use in order to support their family’s overall wellness….

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5 Places To Sell Herbal Products | Herbal Academy | Does selling herbal products intimidate you, or do you simply not know where to start? Here's 5 outlets you can use to sell herbal products successfully!
  ON July 12,2018

5 Best Places to Sell Herbal Products

One of the biggest questions facing an entrepreneur is, “How do I make money?” The key difference between being a hobbyist and an entrepreneur is just that: money. If you are an herbalist, you most likely didn’t get into this line of work for money; you came into this field with a passion for plants,…

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  ON June 22,2016

Enhance Your Herbal Education with these Affordable Resources!

Aromatherapy and herbalism are vast subjects, and learning them is a joyous, life-long journey! Many of us are simply impassioned with a desire to learn and we often find ourselves looking for new resources to expand and deepen our knowledge of these subjects. Building a home library is extremely helpful for anyone learning about aromatherapy…

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  ON September 09,2015

97% Off Herbal Resources

As they say, there is a first time for everything! We’re beyond thrilled to fill you in on a “hush hush” project we’ve been cooking up this summer. We’re excited to announce a new deal for our membership program, which may be a one time savings; so tune in and get the scoop… Here at…

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