How to Harden Seedlings
23 May 2014

How to Harden Seedlings and Protect Your Garden

Gardening is a popular past-time, and many people invest a large amount of money every year in plants and seedlings, only to be rewarded with droopy, wilted, dead plants within a few weeks. has created an infographic entitled 9 Steps to Harden Seedlings, giving you all the info you need in order to give your plants the best start possible.

Seedling hardening is a process that acclimates seedlings and young plants to your climate. In many instances, these plants have had a very short, sheltered life, and need to go through a hardening process before being left to fend for themselves in the garden. This infographic gives nine steps on how to harden a seedling. These steps begin with checking frost dates, along with giving you an easy-to-reference chart on which plants are cold/frost hardy and which are not, slowly exposing them to the outside, and then steps on picking the perfect place for your plant.

By following these easy steps, you will be protecting your garden investment and insuring a happy harvest a few months down the road.


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