11 Herbs of King Arthur's England | Herbal Academy | Do you know herbs were used everyday during the time of King Arthur? Here are 11 Arthurian herbs still found today in the garden of Glastonbury, England!
  ON August 24,2017

11 Herbs of King Arthur’s England

In southwest England, in Somerset, sits the town of Glastonbury, a quaint historical town that has been inhabited since 7th millennium BCE (Glastonbury, n.d.). This area has always felt magical to many people as it’s thought by some to be the location of the magical island of Avalon from the famous King Arthur tale that…

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Reflections of an Herb Gardener | Herbal Academy | Here are a few witty herb garden reflections for fellow herb gardeners, and those thinking of starting one! Be sure that you'll gain wisdom, and a few good laughs too!
  ON May 30,2016

Reflections of an Herb Gardener

To those who are afraid of starting an herb garden, don’t be. The rewards of having your own fresh herbs to use and dry, the therapy of working in the dirt, the ability to sit quietly and meditate in your own special place far outweigh the “errors in judgment” one can make. Looking back at…

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6 Ways To Fertilize Your Garden With Herbs | The Herbal Academy | Herbs can add healthy nutrition to any garden. Learn how to use them as a fertilizer.
  ON March 02,2016

4 Ways To Fertilize Your Garden With Herbs

We use herbs for nutrition and health but don’t often consider that these same benefits can also extend to our gardens. Fertilizing with many of the herbs you already grow is a simple way to give the garden a boost and reduce the expense of purchased fertilizer. Many of the herbs that are already growing…

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  ON August 31,2015

How to Craft the Perfect Herb Planter

Earth is home to an incredible array of natural herbs that have been integral to society for as far as we can see into the past. Herbalism is a proud tradition of knowledge, community with nature, and responsibility. Herbs are available for such a myriad of uses that it is nearly impossible not to encounter…

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  ON August 20,2015

How to Plan a Seed Swap in Your Neighborhood

Seed swaps are an excellent way of sharing your plant knowledge—and your seeds—with your local community. What’s more, seed swaps have the added benefit of connecting like-minded growers. Whether you’re looking for an informal, one-time get together with fellow gardening friends, or a more organized yearly event, here are a few tips to help plan…

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  ON July 30,2015

6 Natural Ways to Deter Insects From Your Herbs

Herbs tend to be relatively low-maintenance plants, which is one reason they are so popular to grow. They also add to our lives in more concrete ways like providing delicious additions to family meals, preventing infections for minor cuts or scrapes, and many other health benefits. So it stands to reason that these wonderful plants…

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  ON May 11,2015

Designing An Herb Garden

This is the second article in a two-part series on planning and designing your herb garden! Part I – Tips for Making An Herb Garden Plan – discusses planning your garden – choosing a location, prepping the soil, and gathering plants. Part II – Designing Your Herb Garden – discusses design ideas for theme gardens and color selections. …

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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Herb Garden | Herbal Academy | Keep these things in mind when planning your herb garden. Herb gardens are a wonderful way to use fresh herbs when cooking and making home remedies!
  ON April 29,2015

Tips For Making An Herb Garden Plan

Join us in this two-part series on planning and designing your herb garden! In this article, we’ll dive into creating an herb garden plan – choosing a location, prepping the soil, and gathering plants.  Have you’ve been poring over seed catalogs and making your lists? You are not alone! Have you made your final choices, or are you…

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  ON January 07,2015

5 Herbs that Attract Beneficial Insects to the Garden

If you’ve been interested in organic gardening but are wondering what to do about pests, consider planting herbs! Many herbs encourage biodiversity and attract the beneficial insects that keep pest populations down. Herbs reduce pests by encouraging biodiversity In nature, herbs perform a wide range of functions. They provide nectar for pollinators, repel pests with…

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  ON January 05,2015

How To Grow Pea Shoots Indoors: Fresh Greens Year-Round

With the garden tucked in for the winter and the farmer’s markets closing up shop until spring, we’re back to listless strolls through the produce aisles of the local grocery store, seeing the stacks of vegetables but just not feeling them. They are beautiful, yes, and abundant — we are grateful for that. Some of…

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