15 Feb 2015

9 Herbal Remedies for a Toothache

If you’ve been plagued with a sore tooth or swollen gums, you know that the pain it can cause is often completely unbearable. Toothache or not, life goes on, making pain relief a necessity. While over-the-counter painkillers are the most popular form of pain relief for many, there are a variety of herbal remedies for toothaches which are often equally as effective at treating pain as medication.

Herbal Remedies for a Toothache

It’s important to note that you must understand the cause of your toothache first in order to effectively treat the pain. Once you’re certain that your toothache isn’t the result of a more serious condition, try these herbal remedies to reduce inflammation and swelling and have you feeling better in no time.

Ginger Root

Along with a host of other healing benefits, including treating ringworm, headaches and upset stomachs, ginger root can also ease a painful toothache. Due to the antibacterial properties in this root, gum pain and toothaches caused by swelling, infection or even a nasty cut can be eased with ginger root. For the most effective pain relief, cut and peel a fresh slice of ginger root. Then, bite on the ginger root with the tooth in question, allowing the juice of the root to reach the painful areas.

9 Herbal Remedies for a Tootache


Whether used alone or in conjunction with other herbs, thyme can help to combat the pain caused by a toothache. This herb is known to have antifungal and antiseptic properties which help to keep gum disease and tooth decay at bay. When used in conjunction with peppermint, the duo works to reduce the swelling of gums, which is often the cause of oral pain.


This miracle herb, which is also known to fight cancer, soothe arthritis pain, and protect your liver can work wonders for a pesky toothache. To create this remedy, simply mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with water to make a thick paste. Next, using a cotton ball, apply the paste to the affected tooth. The antiseptic properties of this herb will help to calm your ache, providing relief.

9 Herbal Remedies for a Tootache


Due to the anesthetic properties found in its roots, yarrow makes for an excellent remedy for a toothache. For the best results, rub fresh leaves or roots of a yarrow plant to sore teeth and gyms. Other uses for this herb include healing sores and putting a stop to bleeding wounds.


Though you may not have heard of spilanthes before, if you suffer from tooth or gum pain, you should keep this herb in your healing arsenal. When put in contact with a painful tooth, the leaves of spilanthes produce a numbing effect, providing immediate relief.

Peppermint Leaf

Whether you choose to use peppermint oil or even a fresh peppermint leaf, this plant will work to ease the pain of a toothache. If you have peppermint oil on hand, dip a cotton ball into the oil and dab it onto the painful area. If using fresh peppermint leaves, simply chew one to two leaves until they become wet, and then apply the leaves to the painful area of the mouth. After a few minutes, remove the leaves and rinse your moth with a salt-water solution.


To keep the pain of swollen or bleeding gums or a tooth infection at bay, a chamomile mouth rinse could do the trick. Simply pour warm water into a cup with a chamomile tea bag, vanilla extract, and lemon juice. After brushing your teeth, swish the chamomile mouth rinse around your mouth and spit it out when finished. This rinse helps to soothe swelling and fight germs in the mouth due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Learn more about chamomile.

9 Herbal Toothache Remedies


Believe it or not, the vast healing powers and health benefits of garlic even include healing the pain – and sometimes the cause – of oral pain. Due to the antibiotic and antiseptic properties that garlic contains, using it as a remedy for a toothache is highly successful. To use garlic on a painful tooth, bite a fresh slice of garlic or apply a mixture of crushed garlic cloves and sea salt to the afflicted tooth.


Cloves eases oral pain due to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anesthetic properties. To use this remedy, combine two ground cloves with oil – vegetable, olive, or any other oil you have in your house will do – and apply the mixture to the painful area with a cotton ball.

If you do enough research and experimenting, you will likely find an herbal remedy for every ailment, and toothaches are no exception. Between the contents of your kitchen cabinets and what’s growing in your garden, it’s possible to concoct a variety of effective remedies to ease your pain. By choosing to use an herbal remedy to relieve a toothache, not only will you soothe the pain, but you’ll also have the comfort of knowing that you don’t need a drug store to ease your ailments.

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