20 Jan 2016

Back to Basics 15 Day Challenge and Bundle

How are those goals coming along this New Year? If you are looking for an extra push of motivation or simply don’t know what you want your goals to be or how to achieve them, we welcome you to join some of our Academy team members in the 15 Day Challenge hosted by our friends at Back to Basics. It’s a well-rounded group of challenges that will help you start living a healthier, greener, more simple life… easily. 

The 15 Day Back to Basics Challenge

If you like free stuff, you’ll like this challenge because each daily letter comes with a free worksheet on the topic of the day! This will help you delve into the topic more deeply and put ideas into action.

The topics we’ve been introduced to so far include Cooking From Scratch, Making Your Own Toiletries (with a great healing salve recipe), and Frugal Living (with a helpful budgeting tool). We’re looking forward to many additional topics, from homesteading to natural remedies to simple living and food storage. Not to mention gardening, particularly since we just started digging into our seed catalogs and scheming about this year’s garden.

Why are we so excited about this?

We contributed the first letter in the challenge! And you bet, we offered two great freebies along with our letter, including this Spice Reference Guide and one of our favorite All-Purpose Seasoning recipes!

Quick Reference Spice Guide by HA

As herbalists, we naturally use tinctures and teas to address discomforts and ailments, but medicinal herbs are not confined to the tincture cabinet or tea chest. They are for eating, too, and can transform a nutritious whole meal into an immune-boosting, disease-preventing masterpiece! Cooking from scratch can be an inspiring and empowering endeavor, putting nutrition back into the hands that care the very most – our own! We can build clean, scrumptious meals using real food and add a layer of nutrients and wellness-supportive compounds with herbs and spices.

Back to Basics Bundle and 15 Day Challenge

Join us in the 15 Day Challenge to get our freebie Spice Reference Guide and Marlene’s tips on Cooking From Scratch – it’s as easy as replacing common condiments with health-promoting, vibrant and tasty herbs and spices!

The Back to Basics Deal

This free 15 Day Challenge is put on by our friends over at Back to Basics Bundle, a collection of over 60 eBooks, memberships and subscriptions from the best authors in the Back to Basics movement. Topics in the 15 Day Challenge are expanded on in this bundle: cooking from scratch, simple living, DIY, natural remedies, homeschooling, green living, frugal living, preparedness and homesteading. On top of that, the bundle also comes with bonus offers from companies that care about the back to basics lifestyle. It’s no surprise that we wanted to participate by offering 10% off our online programs as a bonus for bundle subscribers!

From Scratch Cookbook by the Herbal Academy

Through January 24th, the Back to Basics Bundle will be available for sale offering 90% off the normal cost of these resources! Back to Basic authors and partners have all have come together to make this event happen so we can offer you huge savings. Like we said, we are affiliated with this special promotion – we’re offering 10% off our programs plus our Cooking with the Seasons: Winter Edition ebook!

Cooking With The Seasons - Winter

Review all of the content in the Bundle on the Back to Basics website.

So start your year off right by taking a simpler, more natural approach to life. Join us in the 15 Day Challenge. If you want to take your challenge to the next level, we’d love to have you join us in the Bundle or in one of our online herbalism programs. The Back To Basics Bundle goes on sale January 18th, 2016 and ends on January 24th, 2016.

Best wishes this New Year!