ON June 02,2023

8 Herbal Preparations + a Monarda Oxymel Recipe

The following excerpt outlining eight herbal preparations and a Monarda Oxymel recipe is taken from the book, Our Kindred Home by Alyson Morgan, and is reprinted with permission. Our Kindred Home takes you on a journey through the heart of cyclical, seasonal living. It’s a heartfelt collection of the recipes, rituals, and plants that Alyson’s…

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Dandelion: The Dandiest Weed of All | Herbal Academy | Visually dandelions may draw up childhood memories, but they offer many health benefits – from the flowers, to the leaves, and right down to the root.
  ON April 07,2014

Dandelion Root Oxymel Recipe

Dandelion can do all sorts of dandy things. This winter has seemed to hang on for dear life, despite the fact that we are now officially in spring. Particularly long winters can leave us all feeling a bit heavy. Whether it’s heavy eyes, sluggish movement, or heavy feelings, now is the time to wring it all…

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