ON December 20,2021

Make a Plant Wand To Clear Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time. Despite messages of good tidings and merriment, the pressure of gift-giving, old traumas, or feeling lonely are all common emotional responses. Just like lighting a candle or burning incense, creating and burning plant wands gives off those same therapeutic properties. Igniting a shift and inviting in a sense…

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  ON December 07,2021

Essential Oil Perfume: A DIY Gift Idea

The holidays are a wonderful time to give something that the receiver wouldn’t normally indulge themselves in. Something pretty, or something sentimental, or something handmade. An essential oil perfume recipe checks all those boxes! Crafting a unique scent is a fun way to show care to the receiver, and to pull in special memories through…

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  ON December 04,2021

3 DIY Herbal Skincare Gifts for the Holiday Season

As this year is coming to an end, we are busy getting ready for the holidays. To show appreciation for our loved ones in a more meaningful way, creating DIY herbal skincare gifts during the holiday season is a wonderful option! Furthermore, it is a great opportunity to take time for yourself to slow down…

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  ON November 13,2021

How to Make Apple Spiced Liqueur

It is November. A cold chill has settled, blanketing the days with lower temperatures. It is time for cozy fires, warm food, and spiced drinks. This homemade apple spiced liqueur recipe gives your taste buds a welcome dose of sweet and spice, with a little bit of heat. The sweet taste of apples with cinnamon…

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3 Ways to Simplify Life During Hectic Seasons | Herbal Academy | The holidays needn’t be a time of hustle and bustle. In fact, it is possible to simplify life during hectic seasons. Here are 3 ways to do just that!
  ON January 10,2019

3 Ways to Simplify Life During Hectic Seasons

The holidays needn’t be a time of relentless hustle, bustle, and unfulfilled, unrealistic expectations. It is easy enough to get swept up in the pressure and commercialism of the holiday season. Even for the most centered among us, you may find yourself getting stressed out about gifts for loved ones or pressured to be merry…

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9 Herbal DIYs for the Holidays | Herbal Academy | Sneak in a little plant love by making herbal DIYs to gift to friends and family this holiday season. Here are 9 herbal DIYs to get you started!
  ON December 06,2018

9 Herbal DIYs for the Holidays

The holidays are a time to gather, join in community, and be with those we care about the most. We come together around the table to share in festive feasts and stories of the past year and plan for the coming year. We celebrate and show our appreciation for our loved ones, often through the…

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5 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good for the Holidays | Herbal Academy | Make your home smell good this holiday season without having a negative impact on your health. Here are 5 safe and natural ideas to get you started!
  ON December 04,2018

5 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Good for the Holidays

It’s that special time of year when we open our homes to friends and family from near and far to gather together and celebrate the holidays. During this time of year, we want to make our homes cozy, warm, and welcoming for the holidays. Soft blankets, pumpkin pie spice, twinkling lights, and hot cocoa add…

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How to Create a Simmering Herbal Potpourri | Herbal Academy | Banish every day odors throughout your home without causing health hazards with this simmering herbal potpourri recipe, perfect for the holidays too!
  ON November 22,2018

How to Create a Simmering Herbal Potpourri

Does your home ever get that stale feeling? Does it smell like a cast iron skillet or a dusty antique store? Let’s be honest — odors happen! If the weather isn’t ideal for opening the windows, then you may be looking for some help to freshen the air in your home! So, where do most…

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