28 Aug 2015

Red Clover Blossoms

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How many times have you walked passed these red clover blossoms without even a second thought? I remember picking them as a little girl and being struck by their beautiful purple color whilst sucking out the sweet nectar from their blossoms.

Little did I know just how magical they were, with such a long list of healing abilities such as:

The list seriously goes on and on! I’ll be using these lovely little flowers for a calendula and red clover blossom topical salve to treat eczema and other skin ailments as they arise in the family. They can be enjoyed in a fresh salad, juice, smoothies, tea etc.

Red Clover Blossoms uses and musings

What a beautiful reminder to stop and appreciate nature and all of its offerings. This post is from one of our #myherbalstudies community members, @unboundmama. Images and text shared with permission.

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