My Herbal Study Tips Mini Course
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My Herbal Study Tips Mini Course

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Have you ever committed yourself to wonderful programs or events that you never started or purchased a stack of herbal books that you never cracked open? Or, perhaps you have rushed through your online courses, herbal books, and other herbal study materials to quickly complete the course and, in return, gained only a surface-level understanding. If you are seeking to master the information in front of you, it is important to have a plan of action for your herbal studies—and that’s where this free herbal course comes in!

If you are looking for some engaging study method ideas that will help you approach your herbal studies with confidence, overcome common study barriers, and develop a true love for learning in the process—Herbal Academy’s time-tested herbal study tips will help guide you in better understanding and retaining your coursework!

Become a life-long learner—and an effective one at that! Sign up for our FREE My Herbal Study Tips Mini Course, a motivating series of lessons filled with practical study tips that will set you up for success, guide you in finding the types of study practices that are right for you, encourage you to try new study methods, and build study skills that will help you progress on your herbal journey.

Upgrade your registration to include our Botanical Study Notebook Sets—two essential blank notebooks—1 college ruled letter size and 1 dot grid pocket size to inspire creative notetaking.


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It can be quite easy to eagerly begin a new course of herbal study, having the best of intentions to master all of the material, only to find yourself at the end feeling a touch overwhelmed and wondering what you actually took away from it all. It can also be easy to build up an herbal library of wonderful herbals and textbooks, yet never find the time to enjoy them! 

My Herbal Studies Tips Course – a free herbal course that will teach you how to appraoch your herbal studies with confidence and develop a love for herbs and learning in the process.
My Herbal Study Scene – develop your love for herbs AND your love for learning. Build confidence in your herbal studies in this Free Herbal Course by Herbal Academy!
My Herbal Studies Tips Course – a free herbal course that will teach you how to appraoch your herbal studies with confidence and develop a love for herbs and learning in the process.

With years of teaching experience, course curriculum development, direct student-teacher interaction, and their own educational journeys, our Herbal Academy educators have collected sound approaches for overcoming common speedbumps to learning success. These methods and helpful tips will help you approach your studies with confidence, make the most of your study time, and give you the study skills you need to master the material. 

From setting goals and identifying your learning style(s) to effective study tools, incorporating hands-on practice, forming a study group, and so much more—this Herbal Study Tips Mini Course will walk you through tried and true herbal study practices. In the end, you’ll know how to work your way through your study material at a pace that suits you and your schedule, find the methods that help you retain the information you’re learning, and leave you with a feeling of confidence in understanding the material you’ve just covered. 

So grab your herbal supplies and study materials, and let’s hit the books together.

In this FREE My Herbal Study Tips Mini Course, we will walk you through tried and true herbal study practices that will set you up for success in your future herbal studies.


  • Discover how to craft a vision and set goals for your herbal journe
  • Empower yourself with time management techniques and study support methods to bring your vision to life!
  • Explore tried-and-true study tools matched to your individual learning style and preferences to guide how you approach herbal education
  • Learn the importance of hands-on practice and how to incorporate it into your learning
  • Source supplies to complement your studies at home and in the field
  • Learn how to keep detailed records of the new information you encounter
  • Discover how to incorporate community into your journey through organized supportive herbal study groups and herbal mentorship 
  • Build a well-equipped resource collection that includes books, online resources, physical study tools, and more to regularly reference as you grow as an herbalist!
  • Pursue interactive exercises throughout the entire course to help you put all the study tips into practice throughout your learning journey!


Upgrade with our Botanical Study Notebook Set

The My Herbal Study Tips Mini Course is totally free! You will even get a PDF download of the course lessons so you can continue to use it as a reference after your studies are completed. As an upgrade option, you can purchase our Botanical Study Notebook Set, a set of two handy blank notebooks —1 college ruled letter size (8.5 x 11”) and 1 dot grid pocket notebook (5.25 x 8.25”)—to help you freely craft and organize your notes at home and in the field! Featuring beautiful botanical cover art, each notebook features key information on the interior covers to inspire the budding or experienced herbal student, including language for herbalists, common preparations/delivery methods in herbalism, a handy foraging checklist, a foraging ethics guide, and common plant families to know.

Choose to upgrade your enrollment with the Botanical Study Notebook Set at registration, or purchase from the Goods Shop while supplies last.



Thoughtful lessons that will help you make the most of your herbal studies


Choose your start date and get online access for 3 months after beginning your mini course


Help keep track of notes, summaries, key points, a-ha moments, sketches, and more with our notebook upgrade option


Activities and checklists in each lesson to help guide you in your path to becoming an herbalist


Helpful study aids, tools, and charts in each lesson


An extensive list of online resources and books for further learning


Exclusive emails from your Herbal Academy educators for your enjoyment


All of the lessons are available for download and print for your continued use


Upon course completion you will receive a badge in your Student Dashboard

Upgrade with the Botanical Notebook Set during enrollment. 



Learn how to craft a vision and create small wins (aka, goals!) for your herbal journey and use these milestones to help direct your studies. You’ll learn about the benefits of a study schedule and how to create one for yourself. You’ll also find general and herb-specific study tips designed to help you stick with your studies, retain what you’re learning, and (most importantly!) enjoy the process. Lastly, enjoy several herbal recipes that support healthy brain function and are the perfect botanical study companions for your journey—curated with heart by your Herbal Academy educators!


Explore how an understanding of learning styles and preferences can help guide the way you approach your herbal studies. You’ll get to know some sound study tools and techniques to get you organized and support the comprehension of new material and identify your best-matched study tools that will be most effective for your unique learning style.


Dive deep into methods for incorporating hands-on practice which will bring your herbal studies to life in a fresh way that words on a page just cannot! Book smarts are only part of the path of an herbalist, so getting personal experience and practice alongside your lesson materials is essential. Not only will you learn what areas of your studies to get hands-on with, but you’ll learn which materials to have available (and affordable places to find these), how field studies can enhance your textbook studies, and how to keep good records so you can document your hands-on learning for future reference.

My Herbal Study Tips Course - finding local herbal communitiesLESSON 4

Compare the benefits of in-person and online herbal studies groups, and just how to find one or start your own. Our experienced herbalists are providing their best tips for finding and working with an herbal mentor and ways to approach mentorship as a learner. If you’ve felt alone or unmotivated in your herbal journey, this might be your missing link! Sharing your herbal studies with others is a great way to enhance your overall herbal experience, get feedback and answers to questions, share tips and tricks learned, and advance your herbal studies.

My Herbal Study Tips Course - finding local herbal communities

There are many great resources to expand your continued herbalism education journey, and it’s critical to find and gather trustworthy resources to help build your herbal library and support you in your blossoming herbal journey! This lesson will help you build reliable resources that are indispensable in reintroducing yourself to the plant world! No matter where you are in your herbal education, curating a collection of reputable and insightful sources will give you the tools you need to dig in on topics of interest, cross-reference information in multiple sources, and expand your knowledge step by step! We’ll get you there!

My Herbal Studies Tips Course – a free herbal course that will teach you how to appraoch your herbal studies with confidence and develop a love for herbs and learning in the process.

You’ve likely come to this place because you’ve endeavored in some way into your herbal journey! As herbal learners and educators ourselves, it’s our deepest desire that the guidance offered in our free mini course will enhance your herbal studies – or motivate you if you’re feeling stuck – so that you approach your learning with excitement instead of overwhelm, and you feel thoroughly prepared to take the first or next step of your studies! The herbal journey is a beautiful, lifelong endeavor, and we know just how valuable it is to walk this path with support from those who have been on the journey for some time.

By the end of this course, you will be well-equipped to begin or continue your herbal studies confidently and with a thorough grasp of how to set yourself up for success, create and utilize effective study tools, get hands-on with herbs, tap into community for learning support, and handpick the most helpful resources for your herbal education needs. You’ll be ready to go above and beyond general note-taking alone, and be able to customize your study experience in a way that is both fun and practical, no matter your goals!

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