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Botanical Study Notebook Set

Botanical Study Notebook Set


The Botanical Study Notebook Set is a collection of two handy blank notebooks designed to help you more freely craft and organize your notes at home and in the field! As a companion to the My Herbal Study Tips Mini Course, this botanically inspired set features flexible space to take notes in your preferred way, along with key information to inspire both the budding and experienced herbal student.

Taking notes and keeping records on what you study is an important habit to cultivate from the very beginning of your herbal studies! Notetaking and recordkeeping serve as reminders of what you have done, tried, and experienced, and they will help you progress on your educational journey.

The Botanical Study Notebook Set includes two supportive resources for plant lovers:

  • 1 – 8.5 x 11” Spiral Bound Botanical Notebook: this student-friendly classic lined notebook contains 120 blank pages so you can easily record your notes as you dive into study material, and it includes reference guides on the interior covers summarizing language for herbalists, common herbal preparations and delivery methods, a handy foraging checklist, and foraging ethics.
  • 1 – 5.25 x 8.25” Layflat Pocket Botanical Notebook: a beautiful pocket-sized companion, this notebook offers 144 pages of blank dot grid paper, allowing for the ultimate flexibility and portability in your notetaking! This mini book conveniently includes a guide on common plant families on the interior cover for your easy reference.

A consistent notetaking practice will help improve your understanding of the herbal topics you encounter—so don’t wait to get started. Grab your favorite botanical study aids, a writing utensil of choice, and settle into your studies equipped with your Botanical Study Notebook Set to build your own personal vault of all of your herbal knowledge!

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