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All About Wild Cherry Bark (Printable Monograph) | Herbal Academy | Come learn all about wild cherry bark and get your free printable herbal monograph for your herbal materia medica!
  ON January 19,2017

All About Wild Cherry Bark (Printable Monograph)

Wild cherry bark has been used in a variety of ways in years past to support the health of the body. Today, we want to peel back the layers so you can learn all about wild cherry bark and how to use it in your home or your herbal practice. Not only are we going…

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101 Herbal Books | Herbal Academy | In an effort to help you determine which herbal books are right for you, we have compiled 101 herbal books on our shelves that have contributed to our education and career development.
  ON December 05,2016

101 Herbal Books To Build Your Herbal Library

As we so often remind our readers and students, learning herbalism is a lifelong journey to be savored and experienced. It is an endeavor to be nurtured with hands-on practice, study with experienced teachers, and learning from the many herbal books written by herbalists of all traditions and approaches, both modern and historical. As herbalists,…

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Student Share: Shaili Sutaria & Island Kiss | Herbal Academy | Today we have an interview with Academy student Shaili Sutaria, founder of Island Kiss beauty products.
  ON August 29,2016

Student Share: Shaili Sutaria & Island Kiss

It is a joy to watch our students gain confidence as they explore their herbal studies. As teachers, we love to see the many ways our students take what they’ve learned and then go on to blossom on their own unique paths as herbalists.That’s just one of the many reasons we love staying in touch…

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  ON February 29,2016

How To Learn Herbalism Directly From Plants

By Sage L. Maurer The plant spirits are waiting to speak with those of us who are open to listening. They echo through our minds and hearts, touching our bodies with their healing hands, and guide us into the medicine we are most needing. We can ask the plants for wisdom and guidance, and we…

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