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How To Establish An Herb Study Group | Herbal Academy | If you are a solitary herbal student, you may be missing the whole social aspect of herbalism. Let us teach you how to expand your horizons by establishing an herb study group!
  ON January 26,2017

How To Establish An Herb Study Group

If you are new to using and appreciating herbs, or if you have been a solitary herbalist or student, you may be missing the whole social aspect of herbalism—that of studying in a group setting (such as an herb study group) where there is learning and sharing with other people. As much as we would…

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The Free Herbal Materia Medica Course by Herbal Academy – You will learn where to look for quality herbal information and how to research. You’ll receive an extensive list of references––from books to online websites and databases––to help get you get started in your journey.
  ON January 02,2017

How To Create An Herbal Materia Medica (Free E-Course)

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, winter has settled over our gardens, over the fields, and over the wild places around us. For some of us, winter means snow. For others, a bleak landscape where nothing stirs. We miss the presence of our garden herbs and wild allies acutely. It’s tempting to pine…

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101 Herbal Books | Herbal Academy | In an effort to help you determine which herbal books are right for you, we have compiled 101 herbal books on our shelves that have contributed to our education and career development.
  ON December 05,2016

101 Herbal Books To Build Your Herbal Library

As we so often remind our readers and students, learning herbalism is a lifelong journey to be savored and experienced. It is an endeavor to be nurtured with hands-on practice, study with experienced teachers, and learning from the many herbal books written by herbalists of all traditions and approaches, both modern and historical. As herbalists,…

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8 Everyday Herbs of the Caribbean | Herbal Academy | If you ever find yourself in the Caribbean, here are 8 herbs to know and how to use them.
  ON August 22,2016

8 Everyday Herbs of the Caribbean

Three months ago, my son and I came to live in Manzanillo, Costa Rica, a small beach town on the southern Caribbean coast. As a Western-trained herbalist, this for me has meant a daily education on an entirely new materia medica featuring herbs of the Caribbean—virtually none of my familiar temperate-climate plants thrive here! Fortunately, there…

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