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8 Ideas to Create a Natural Holiday Home | Herbal Academy | Learn how to use beautiful botanicals and herbal crafts in the natural holiday home to add a special element to the season that is reminiscent of the past.
  ON December 17,2019

8 Ideas to Create a Natural Holiday Home

For many of us, one of the warmest traditions of the holiday season is welcoming in this special time of the year by decorating the space in and around the home. As much as a home festooned with lovely decor heralds in the holiday season, the very act of decorating often brings the most joy!…

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How To Make Framed Botanicals to Decorate Your Home | Herbal Academy | Bring plants into your home in a whole new way by decorating your walls with framed botanicals. Get the steps and details here.
  ON July 16,2018

How To Make Framed Botanicals to Decorate Your Home

Framed botanicals in your home can conjure up memories of summer’s floral bounty, even in the depths of winter. Try framing a collection of wellness supporting herbs to serve as a decorative herbarium or frame culinary herbs to hang in the kitchen or give as a gift to a food-loving friend. Framed botanicals can also serve…

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DIY Hand Poured Herbal Academy | Herbal Academy | Are you looking for a simple way to enjoy the ambiance of candlelight without all the chemicals? Try making your own hand poured herbal candles instead!
  ON December 08,2017

DIY Hand Poured Herbal Candles

As the winter months draw near, we find ourselves spending more time indoors than outdoors. This lack of time outdoors can create a feeling of disconnect, especially for those of us who love to cook and create with the seasons.  Marketing companies have obviously recognized this need. When you turn down the aisles of any…

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  ON June 29,2015

Six Botanical-Based Air Fresheners For Your Home

Are you tired of synthetic air fresheners that pollute the air with harsh and hazardous compounds? With a few simple, inexpensive ingredients, you can create effective botanical-based air fresheners that delight your senses. All air fresheners require two components. First, an air freshener must have a way of neutralizing existing odors. Second, it must be…

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