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Cheesecloth Ghosts: A Halloween Craft For the Whole Family by Herbal Academy
  ON October 11,2023

Cheesecloth Ghosts: A Halloween Craft For the Whole Family

Who remembers this spooktacular craft from their own childhood? A fun tradition that we very much want to pass along to all our herbalist friends, Halloween cheesecloth ghosts are cute, easy, and customizable. As an herbalist, you may just have everything you need on hand to create these adorable seasonal crafts. Plus, this gives you…

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  ON April 22,2023

DIY Floral Ice Ring for Punch

We look forward to spring and summer garden parties all year, and with the upcoming release of our new Botanical Mixed Drinks Recipe Book, we’re dreaming of all the ways we can serve creative herbal cocktails and mocktails to our guests. In our new book, we share a recipe for Lavender and Citrus Rum Punch…

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  ON February 03,2023

Valentine’s Day, The Herbal Way: Herbs, Gifts, Treats, and Unlocking Pleasure With Aphrodisiacs

Picture Valentine’s Day, the herbal way! This holiday embraces, and often evokes, a powerful feeling— love. Sharing how we feel about others and ourselves, and tying that all together with a pretty herbal bow, is just how we like to do things. We have pulled together ideas for an herbal Valentine’s Day that will help…

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  ON November 05,2022

DIY Cold and Flu Bombs With Immune-Stimulating Herbs

We are all well aware of the looming cold and flu season that is approaching. As it inches its way closer, we are stocking our herbal pantries with strong allies like elder, echinacea, ginger, and thyme, among others. One option for utilizing these herbs is by making a simple recipe like these DIY cold and…

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Reviews of the Business Herbal Course
  ON November 01,2022

Herbal Oils for Acne Scarring

Few things can make a person feel as vulnerable and self-conscious as acne. While many chronic issues aren’t immediately obvious to others, the pimples and bumps associated with acne are on display for peers, love interests, and strangers to see. Frustratingly, even after the blemishes have resolved, they can leave long-lasting scars that can continue…

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