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  ON June 02,2023

8 Herbal Preparations + a Monarda Oxymel Recipe

The following excerpt outling eight herbal preparations and a Monarda Oxymel recipe is from the book, Our Kindred Home by Alyson Morgan, and is reprinted with permission. Our Kindred Home takes you on a journey through the heart of cyclical, seasonal living. It’s a heartfelt collection of the recipes, rituals, and plants that Alyson’s family…

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  ON December 13,2022

Easy Homemade Kitchen Spices Cough Syrup

The following excerpt is taken from our FREE Pantry Herbalism ebook, where you’ll find monographs and recipes for spices, foods, and backyard herbs that you likely already have at home. Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) aerial parts  A close relative of oregano, thyme (Thymus vulgaris) is also rich in volatile oils. These constituents, especially thymol, are antimicrobial…

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  ON August 09,2022

How to Make a First-Aid Kit Yarrow Tincture

Yarrow, and especially yarrow tincture, is a wonderful herbal ally and addition to your first-aid kit to help you stay well prepared for any unfortunate bump in your herbal adventures!  Yarrow (Achillea millefolium), known also as woundwort, staunch weed, nosebleed, and carpenter’s weed, is a rather common herb that can be wild foraged in many…

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