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  ON November 10,2020

Shelf-Stable Calendula Cream Recipe

As herbalists, we turn to our trusty herbal allies to create simple and safe skincare products. We love our calendula-infused oil, our lavender hydrosol, our rose petals. But how can we bring these beautiful herbal ingredients together into a calendula cream recipe or another botanical skincare creation that is shelf-stable? After all, any time we…

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  ON October 13,2020

What is Enfleurage? Historic Perfumery Technique with Instructions

“Enfleurage” is a French word that you may have seen associated with historic perfumery techniques. If you’ve seen this mysterious word mentioned in old texts or publications, you probably found yourself wondering, “what is enfleurage?” We dug into our Natural Perfumery Course to answer that question and to share a special sneak peek into our…

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Comfrey Cream Recipe for Achy Joints and Muscles | Herbal Academy | Learn how to make this simple comfrey cream recipe featuring comfrey root tincture to ease achy joints and muscles naturally.
  ON July 17,2020

Comfrey Cream Recipe for Achy Joints and Muscles

Can a comfrey (Symphytum officianale) root extraction help ease aching joints and muscles? Many of those following the folk use of comfrey up to present-day think so. Additionally, there is scientific research demonstrating comfrey’s effectiveness at soothing muscle and joint pain, some of which are highlighted in this post.  The warm weather has a way…

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