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Plantain Leaf Benefits and Recipes | Herbal Academy | Learn the many benefits of plantain leaf (Plantago spp.) and how to use it in two simple recipes, a juice and a face mask.
  ON June 25,2020

Plantain Leaf Benefits and Recipes

Since the launch of The Foraging Course, we’ve had a renewed interest in the humble, helpful herbs that grow right outside our doors. Plantain leaf (Plantago spp.) is one such wonder “weed” that’s found all over the globe. Two of the most common species, broadleaf plantain (P. major) and ribwort plantain (P. lanceolata), have followed…

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How to Use Herbs to Rebuild from Burnout | Herbal Academy | Learn how to take an Ayurvedic approach to recognizing burnout and even more importantly, ways in which you can call upon herbs to rebuild from burnout. 
  ON June 10,2020

How to Use Herbs to Rebuild from Burnout

Long-term stress takes a huge toll on one’s body and mind. Sometimes that stress can chip away at vital reserves and one’s sense of wellbeing, ultimately leading to a state of burnout. In digging into the exact meaning and causes for burnout, it is clear that its defining borders can be quite nebulous. Unlike depression,…

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Calming Canine Herbs for Your Four-Legged Friends | The Herbal Academy | Calming canine herbs like chamomile, catnip, skullcap, and valerian can help soothe and nourish your pet’s nervous system.
  ON May 26,2020

Calming Canine Herbs for Your Four-Legged Friends

There are a number of things that can cause stress and anxiety for our beloved pets, from separation anxiety to loud noises. Whenever my dog hears a loud bang that resembles a gunshot sound, his ears fold back, he gets as close to the ground as he can, and he frantically scrambles to hide. This…

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Herbal Allergy Support Using Ayurvedic Herbs | Herbal Academy | Allergies can manifest in many ways. Learn about ayurvedic herbal allergy support to take steps toward greater balance and optimum wellness.
  ON May 05,2020

Herbal Allergy Support Using Ayurvedic Herbs

Allergies manifest in many ways. There are food allergies, seasonal allergies, skin allergies, and allergic reactions to fragrances. As is the case with any health imbalance, it’s easy to get distracted by symptoms and acute discomfort. However, Ayurveda has a holistic approach to wellness—and allergy management follows that approach. In this article, you will learn…

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