culinary herbs
31 Jul 2014

Using Flavorful Culinary Herbs

There is so much information to consider when you cook with herbs. Not only should you consider the herb’s actions, benefits and constituents, there’s also the taste and feel of the herb to consider, and how well it pairs with a given food. Now some people are naturals, and can keep all that information in their head, accessing it at a moments notice when they need to add some flavor to an otherwise bland sauce, but for the rest of us, here’s a chart that lists the most common culinary herbs, their tastes, their food pairings, and even their growing needs. Combine this with your personal materia medica, like the one we show you how to make in our Online Introductory Herbal Course, and you’ll have a quick-reference guide for your herbal cooking needs.

Herb Your Enthusiasm - Culinary Herbs Infographic

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