Edible Mushroom Benefits of Six Super Star Mushrooms | Herbal Academy | If tantalizing recipes aren’t enough motivation, knowing the edible mushroom benefits of some of the best fungi available may provide further inspiration.
  ON June 04,2019

Edible Mushroom Benefits of Six Super Star Mushrooms

Perhaps you are a mushroom lover by nature and incorporating edible mushrooms into your diet comes naturally to you. On the other hand, you are not alone if you find mushrooms to be an acquired taste. Proper preparation techniques and well-balanced recipes certainly improve the appeal of edible mushrooms. However, if tantalizing recipes aren’t enough…

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5 Lifestyle Hacks for Sound Sleep | Herbal Academy | Wake up more rested, alert, beautiful, and ready to take on the day with these 5 lifestyle hacks for sound sleep. Beauty rest is more than a turn of phrase!
  ON December 19,2018

5 Lifestyle Hacks for Sound Sleep

Beauty rest is more than a turn of phrase. Anyone who has suffered from chronic insomnia or disturbed sleep is well aware of the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep not only compromises your outward appearance. It wreaks havoc on your metabolism, mental alertness, emotional balance, and even memory (Albrecht & Ripperger, 2018)….

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Ayurvedic Tips For Spring Wellness | Herbal Academy | Do you know that by observing seasonal changes we can attain optimal wellness? Enjoy maximal spring wellness by observing these Ayurvedic tips!
  ON May 08,2018

Ayurvedic Tips For Spring Wellness

Ayurveda recognizes the cyclic nature of life. In order to achieve wellness, it is important to be tuned in to our environment as well as to be cognizant of our inherent constitution, called prakruti in Ayurveda. This article will elucidate Ayurvedic tips for spring wellness. Though our prakruti (inherent constitution) is fixed, our present nature,…

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  ON October 20,2014

Mountain Wellness: Yarrow and Arnica Uses

Those of us on the path of studying herbalism will attest that learning about the edible and wellness properties of plants has shifted our view of the natural world around us. Where once we may have identified nature by ecosystem — yard, forest, field, swamp, lake, mountain, desert — we now see the trees, plants,…

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