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herbal tonics displayed on a table
  ON January 22,2020

Ask An Herbalist: Herbal Tonics 101

Herbal tonics, while seemingly simple on the surface, are a more nuanced topic than just “herbs for what ails you!”.  In this video, Herbal Academy educator and herbalist Heather Irvine, will be shedding some light on some common misconceptions surrounding herbal tonics. First, she’ll explain what an herbal tonic is and some safety factors to…

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How to Make a DIY Autumn Root Tonic | Herbal Academy | When autumn shows its signs, it may be time to incorporate herbal roots into your diet in the form of an autumn root tonic to support your vitality.
  ON September 23,2019

How to Make a DIY Autumn Root Tonic

When autumn begins to show its signs—earthy colors, golden afternoons, and crisp evening air—it may be a good time to utilize a particular plant part within your herbal toolkit: roots. Herbal roots can be used to make a delicious autumn root tonic to support your vitality, especially as the season begins to change. Making this…

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Adaptogen Bliss Balls Recipe & Video | Herbal Academy | Learn some important key points to know about adaptogens and get a delicious recipe and video tutorial for Adaptogen Bliss Balls from our newly updated Introductory Herbal Course!
  ON January 28,2019

Adaptogen Bliss Balls Recipe & Video

Adaptogens are a category of tonic herbs that are often used to keep the general terrain of the body healthy and functioning properly. While there are many types of tonic herbs, adaptogens are often classed as endocrine system tonics, though they can have an effect on other body systems as well. While we’re not going…

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  ON March 20,2013

Spring Tonics

Despite the snowy view from our windows, it’s the official first day of spring, the Equinox, so called because the earth’s tilt is balanced in such a way that day and night are about equal lengths. Yes, there is snow, but the robins and snowdrops I spotted last week promise us: Take heart, friends. Warmer…

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