3 Supportive Uses for Peppermint You Need to Know by Herbal Academy
  ON May 03,2024

3 Supportive Uses for Peppermint You Need to Know

A cheerful mint whose flavor and aroma have inspired candy canes, chewing gum, breath mints, and holiday goodies of all sorts, the uses for peppermint (Mentha x piperita) leaf as a versatile herb with numerous botanical benefits and usages are many. With a long history among Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Chinese, and Japanese cultures, peppermint is…

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  ON March 04,2023

Respiratory Support Honey for Spring Allergies

The following book excerpt is taken from The Herbal Kitchen by Kami McBride and used with permission. If you’re an herb nerd with spring allergies, you face a bit of a conundrum. While the Earth bursts with color and birdsong, you might feel the urge to run indoors instead of out. But as we head…

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  ON June 03,2022

Sitopaladi Churna: Sweet Cough Powder for Respiratory Support

With spring in full swing, consider yourself fortunate if you are not affected by seasonal allergies or other respiratory issues. On the other hand, if you do experience sneezing, wheezing, coughing, and other respiratory allergy symptoms, you may find yourself looking for new methods of respiratory support. Or, perhaps you simply want to have some…

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  ON April 22,2020

Best Herbs for Lungs and Respiratory Support

When addressing viral respiratory infections, we want to think about herbs that have strong immune or antiviral actions in addition to herbs for lungs and basic respiratory support. During the current outbreak of viral infection, it’s better to use what you already have on hand than to spend an extended amount of time out of…

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