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3 Ways To Use Self Heal In Your Materia Medica | Herbal Academy | Self heal is an herb who's many wellness-supporting virtues have been forgotten. Here are 3 ways to add this traditional herb back into your materia medica.
  ON July 29,2019

3 Ways To Use Self Heal In Your Materia Medica

Although self heal (Prunella vulgaris) is an herb that commonly grows across the world and has been used traditionally for ages, its wellness-supporting virtues are often forgotten about in many modern herbal practices! Roughly 400 years ago, self heal was considered one of the top herbs in its class and was highly sought after by…

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Easy DIY Bee Sting Poultice | Herbal Academy | As beautiful as it is to be outdoors in nature with the bees—sometimes you get stung! Learn how to make an herbal DIY bee sting poultice in this article.
  ON June 13,2019

Easy DIY Bee Sting Poultice

Let’s face it: as beautiful and amazing as it is to be outdoors in nature with the birds and the bees—sometimes you get stung! Whether you are hard at work gardening, on a hike, or even just wandering around your city, bee stings can happen anywhere. Luckily for us, once you learn how to prepare…

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  ON April 24,2015

How To Make A Poultice With Dried & Fresh Herbs

It’s easy to focus on the internal herbal preparations, like teas, extracts, and syrups, because we are so conditioned to “taking something” – whether that be supplements, OTC medications, or prescriptions – to manage our health. Topical herbalism, though, has many unique preparations that have benefited people for generations. In this post we’ll teach you…

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  ON February 09,2015

Comfrey Uses + Soothing Comfrey Cream Recipe

I started growing comfrey a couple of years ago, but my reasons were NOT strictly altruistic. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my herbs, but I particularly love perennial herbs like comfrey that are well suited to a pot and can be brought indoors during our cold Kansas winter. There is Comfort in…

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