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Herbal Allergy Support Using Ayurvedic Herbs | The Herbal Academy | Allergies can manifest in many ways. Learn about ayurvedic herbal allergy support to take steps toward greater balance and optimum wellness.
  ON July 20,2021

Mood and Mental Support for Pitta Dosha

Pitta dosha, the most fiery of the three ayurvedic types, relates to solar energy and rules the summer season. Pitta types run warm, tend to have warm-colored complexions, and aren’t afraid of competition and intensity. In fact, they welcome it (sometimes to their own detriment!). These bold, fiery types are naturally intense, driven, and competitive,…

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Motherwort Through History | Herbal Academy |Here at the Academy, we often talk about the history and traditions of herbs. In this post we are focusing on the history of motherwort. Come learn with us!
  ON May 31,2017

Motherwort Through History

Here at the Academy, we often talk about historical knowledge and folk tradition comprising one of the legs of the three-legged stool that informs our understanding of a plant’s therapeutic uses. Scientific studies and the first-hand experience of modern herbalists are the other legs that complete the stool, balancing and reinforcing one another to give…

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Creating a Local Materia Medica With Motherwort | Herbal Academy | Motherwort is a large, tough plant, but has the ability to soothe and balance the body. Learn the many uses of this plant for your local materia medica!
  ON August 08,2016

Creating a Local Materia Medica With Motherwort

Motherwort is the gift that keeps on giving in my garden. A member of the tenacious mint family (Lamiaceae), she self-seeds herself prodigiously. Her tenacity is nothing a little weeding can’t take care of, and in turn, I have set aside a designated patch where she can reseed to her heart’s content. Let’s learn how…

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  ON September 03,2015

Motherwort: The Plant World’s Mama Bear

Motherwort is the plant world’s mama bear. Or mama lion, from its Latin name Leonurus cardiaca, which translates to the Lion-Hearted One (Bennett, 2014). Motherwort Plant Profile This mint-family member has the ubiquitous square-stems that run in the family. Motherwort’s miniature blooms are delicately painted soft pink, and resemble the healthy womb and reproductive system…

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