ON September 10,2021

Ayurveda and Yoga: Yoga for Your Constitution

“Ayurveda is a paradigm, not a prescription” is a phrase that I commonly emphasize in my introduction to Ayurveda public lectures. Ayurveda is integrated into the medical system in India and if you work with any ayurvedic practitioner anywhere in the world, they will likely suggest herbs, dietary modifications, and other practical measures. However, Ayurveda…

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How to Schedule Your Day Based on Energy Levels | Herbal Academy | Featured Image
  ON April 20,2021

How to Schedule Your Day Based on Energy Levels

Ayurveda teaches that one of the root causes of health imbalances is living out of harmony with nature. However, living in harmony with nature is no small feat, especially in the modern day. Furthermore, what exactly does it mean to “live in harmony?” Fortunately, Ayurveda offers a rich perspective on this. Your constitution, the seasons,…

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Nourishing Herbs featured image
  ON March 02,2021

Nourishing Herbs for Optimal Wellness

As mentioned in my previous article, How to Boost Immunity from the Inside Out, one of the best ways to take care of your vitality, longevity, and immunity is with nourishing herbs. These herbs for deep nourishment are not a quick fix, but rather are most effective if taken over long periods of time. The…

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