A Family Herb: Helpful Calendula Blossoms | Herbal Academy | Calendula has an extensive history of use and is best known for its benefit to the skin. Learn all about the many uses of this herb!
  ON May 11,2016

A Family Herb: Helpful Calendula Blossoms

Vivacious, happy Calendula blossoms are a delight to grow and use in herbal remedies for everyone in the family.  As a member of the Asteraceae family, Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is a relative of other helpful plants such as chamomile, yarrow, dandelion, Echinacea, and Arnica. And just like its family members, Calendula has a plethora of…

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  ON April 24,2015

Herbs Work in All Seasons

Herbs work in all seasons – both in the seasons of nature and in the seasons of our lives. There to support us in the unique challenges our bodies face each season – the allergies of spring, summer’s heat, winter’s colds – herbs work with us year round. In the seasons of our lives, herbs…

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  ON April 17,2015

Herbs Work for Families

Herbs work as part of many different lifestyles, and family life is no different – herbs are the perfect complement to family life. They enrich our lives in a multitude of ways. Not only are herbs are a healthy choice for all ages, but they connect us to the natural world, give us seasonal traditions to share…

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  ON April 10,2015

Herbs Work as a Foundation

One of the most beautiful roles we fill as herbalists is that of teachers. In a way, it really doesn’t matter what path we take as an herbalist – we are always teaching. We may feel that we are the only real student we know, especially if we are self-taught or lifelong learners of the…

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  ON April 02,2015

Herbs Work as a Lifestyle

Herbs work, but they work best if we do a little work, too! In order for us to receive the most benefit from the herbs we use, we need to focus on right living – on developing a lifestyle that allows us to grow into our best health. Herbs work their best work within the framework…

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  ON March 27,2015

Herbs Work As Our Companions and Allies

As herbalists, it’s important for us to learn about plants through hands-on experience, and we are richly rewarded for the time we invest in learning to live side-by-side with our herbs. As we grow them in our gardens and help the continuation of their species, they nurture our health in return. Because of the nature…

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herbs work
  ON March 13,2015

Herbs Work With Us

Herbs work with us, not against us. They can be subtle as they build us up over time, but they stand with us as we move forward. They support our health rather than mask our symptoms, and require that we are honest with ourselves as they give us the support we need.  Herbs like elderberry…

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