ON February 03,2023

Valentine’s Day, The Herbal Way: Herbs, Gifts, Treats, and Unlocking Pleasure With Aphrodisiacs

Picture Valentine’s Day, the herbal way! This holiday embraces, and often evokes, a powerful feeling— love. Sharing how we feel about others and ourselves, and tying that all together with a pretty herbal bow, is just how we like to do things. We have pulled together ideas for an herbal Valentine’s Day that will help…

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  ON November 09,2021

15 Heartwarming Herbal Gifts for Plant Lovers

It’s the season of gift giving once more! If you are preparing your gift list and in need of ideas for the herbalists in your life, we’ve got quite the list for you. Deliver heaps of herbal joy this year with these heartwarming herbal gifts for plant lovers, from the botanically curious beginner to the…

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  ON February 25,2020

10 Herbal Crafts for Long Winter Days

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea and a winter herbal craft project to help brighten long, cold days in the Northern Hemisphere. These 10 herbal craft projects are inspired by plants, and a few of them even involve taking a walk to find materials in nature, which is therapeutic in and of…

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8 Herbal Holiday Preparations to Start Brewing Now! | Herbal Academy | Now is the time to get started making herbal gifts that require time to brew! Here are eight of our favorite herbal holiday preparations to start now.
  ON December 03,2019

8 Herbal Holiday Preparations to Start Brewing Now!

The holiday season can feel like a whirlwind with the days tumbling from one to the next, and if you are anything like me, too often your dreams of herbal crafting are lost in the flurry. You may even find that you no longer have the time needed to brew up those special herbal holiday…

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3 New Goods Shop Products You’re Going To Love | Herbal Academy | We've just released 3 new Goods Shop products today. Our new Seasonal Foraging Poster, Plant Steward Tote Bag, and Herbal Stickers are available!
  ON November 05,2019

3 New Goods Shop Products You’re Going To Love

We are always busily creating new offerings behind the scenes here at the Herbal Academy, and today, we are so excited to share our new Goods Shop products with you! Each of these unique botanical-themed products will add beauty to your own herbal practice and studies or make a great holiday gift for the herbalist…

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  ON May 14,2015

3 Simple Handmade Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Here in our neck of the woods the end of the school year is fast approaching. With it comes the promise of a summer filled with long, lazy days along with many exciting adventures. This is a time of new beginnings and of saying goodbye. For kids and teachers these goodbyes are often to very…

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  ON April 28,2015

3 Herbal Gifts to Celebrate Mother’s Day

In Louisiana, we have been enjoying beautiful spring weather for over a month now. Before long, my rose bushes will be bursting with lovely flowers, which I harvest and dry each year to use in my herbal creations. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I want to offer a few ideas for handmade products made…

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