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  ON June 14,2022

How to Make Pressed Flower Lanterns to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

The sun has reached its peak angle and is in its full, brilliant splendor throughout the long summer days before making its slow descent toward its lower arc during winter’s relative darkness. We have reached a turning point in the year. The summer solstice, coming from the Latin words “sol” (sun) and “stitium” (still or…

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  ON December 13,2021

DIY Herbal Wrapping Paper Craft

Anyone else love those quiet December nights? The ones where the work is done, the kitchen is closed, and there’s a calm? The soft glow from the twinkling lights fills the room. A classic holiday movie plays in the background. On these nights I love to brew a cup of tea and wrap presents with…

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  ON November 24,2021

DIY Aromatic Fire Starter Basket

One of the coziest traditions of this season is welcoming the winter days with a warm, crackling fire. How about putting some creativity to that fire with an aromatic fire starter basket? Aromatic fire starters not only help to get that fire started, but also fill the home with a wonderful aroma. This aromatic fire…

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A Floral Craft Project to Celebrate Herbalist Day | Herbal Academy | Herbalist Day is the perfect opportunity to thank the herbalists in your life. This floral craft project is sure to bring a spark of joy to your local herbal friends.
  ON April 08,2021

A Floral Craft Project to Celebrate Herbalist Day

Herbalist Day is right around the corner (April 17!), and it’s the perfect opportunity to thank the herbalists in your life for the positive impact they’ve made on you.  Whether they crafted a nourishing recipe just for you, shared their herbal know-how, helped you find greater wellness, inspired you to connect with the plants around…

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Handmade Floral Paper: A Family-Friendly Project | Herbal Academy | You can make your own floral paper and then use it to make the prettiest cards, bookmarks, and more. This activity is great for all ages! 
  ON July 22,2020

Handmade Floral Paper: A Family-Friendly Project

Herbal craft projects help fuel our creativity and reinvigorate our connection with the natural word. Like all plant lovers, our hearts skip a beat whenever we’re presented with just-for-fun herbal creations, like homemade floral cookies and pressed flower arrangements. As such, you can imagine our excitement when a few of our resident herbalists presented the…

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  ON July 14,2015

How to Make Herbal Beads

Summer is an exciting time for herbalists, as we enjoy the abundance of plants growing in our gardens and in the wild. Many of us are busy with the work of making tea blends, tinctures, and infused oils to preserve the harvest. Yet another way to appreciate the versatility of herbs is by using them…

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