13 Dec 2021

DIY Herbal Wrapping Paper Craft

Anyone else love those quiet December nights? The ones where the work is done, the kitchen is closed, and there’s a calm? The soft glow from the twinkling lights fills the room. A classic holiday movie plays in the background. On these nights I love to brew a cup of tea and wrap presents with festive wrapping paper. Gift-giving has always been a little specialty of mine, perhaps due in part to my keen memory of people, observing their likes and preferences. It is one of my favorite things to do, giving something thoughtful to someone special.

A new tradition I am proud of is gifting herbal goodies that I’ve made. A soft salve, a silky oil infusion, or a balanced tea blend made from scratch make wonderful DIY gifts. Also, these are all things I’ve learned along my Herbal Academy journey. Each little creation tucked away in a pretty tin or jar, wrapped up in something extra specialan herb-inspired wrapping paper! 

wrapping paper with painted leaves

A Unique Way to Imprint the Season

I just love this craft. An herb-inspired wrapping print offers that extra layer of hand crafted thoughtfulness, a unique way to imprint the season and bring a little joy to someone during the holidays. This is even something wonderful to do with your kiddos as an easy nature craft. Making herbal wrapping paper is an opportunity to learn different plants, as well as dip into the world of transfer printing. 

This activity is a little bit of trial and error. However, I have found that simple leaves and those with deep veiny undersides turn out best. Also, when winter has taken the leaves from lush to barren, I always turn to the tried and true—rose leaves. These are typically accessible no matter the location. Then, the next best thing, bushy evergreens. 

squirting paint on a plate

painting a leaf for herbal wrapping paper

pressing painted leaf onto paper

Herbal Wrapping Paper Craft

Put on the cozy socks, roll out some kraft paper, and get ready to create a new tradition. 


Kraft paper roll
Paint sponges
Acrylic paint colors of your choice
Paper plate
Wax paper
Fresh leaves (dried doesn’t work well)

  • Lay the kraft paper out flat.
  • Using a paper plate, set up your paint colors.
  • Use a separate paper as your paint dab station.
  • Take a sponge brush and dab the underside of your leaf with paint. Try to get it evenly coated, but not too much or you will lose the detail. 
  • Gently place the painted leaf on the kraft paper.
  • Use a piece of wax paper to lay on top of the leaf and use your hands to press down – basically creating your own stamp.
  • Gently remove the leaf and reveal the pretty transfer.
  • Repeat in any pattern you like! 
  • Let dry and wrap up your favorite herbal creation to gift-away. 

gift wrapped with herbal wrapping paper

In Closing, 

The end result is a unique and special wrapping paper to go perfectly with your handcrafted herbal gift. Don’t forget, this holiday season might be met with some shipping delays. Be sure to send out your special gifts by December 14th to ensure they arrive to your loved ones just in time. 

DIY Herbal Wrapping Paper Craft | Herbal Academy | This hand-crafted herbal wrapping paper will go perfectly with your special gifts to loved ones this holiday season.