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  ON August 05,2022

How to Propagate Herbs From Cuttings

When it comes to multiplying your beloved herbs, growing new plants from seeds you’ve collected is the easiest and most practical option. But there are other ways to propagate herbs using your already-established plants. Your herb garden is in full swing, your potted botanicals an abundant source of joy, making their way into your apothecary…

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  ON April 01,2022

Prepare Your Herb Garden With These 4 Spring Tasks

Spring is an exciting time in the herb garden! So many beloved herbs are perennials, and as they begin to sprout and grow after the long winter slumber, we may have visions of abundant harvests ahead. By preparing your herb garden for the season with these spring tasks you can make that vision a reality….

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  ON April 16,2021

How and Why To Start an Herb Garden 

As a kid growing up in Ohio, I really looked forward to the growing season. My father always had a love for plants (mainly flowers) and would take us to the local garden centers to grab the flowers for that year’s gardens. However, when our family first moved into our house there were no plants…

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7 Best Plants for a Beginner's Herb Garden | Herbal Academy | In this article, we share seven easy-to-grow and useful herbs for a beginner’s herb garden, along with tips for using and growing each one. 
  ON July 29,2020

7 Best Plants for a Beginner’s Herb Garden

Growing your own herbs is a time-tested way to deepen your relationship with the plants in your apothecary. I’ll never forget the first time I brushed against sage (Salvia officinalis) in my own garden and was surprised at how cool the velvety leaves felt against my skin. Later, when I learned that sage is often…

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4 Tips to Control Mint in the Garden | Herbal Academy | If you've ever wondered how to control mint in your herb garden, this post is for you. Here are 4 tips to help you keep your mint plants under control! 
  ON July 25,2019

4 Tips to Control Mint in the Garden

There is nothing quite like the invigorating scent and flavor of mint (Mentha spp.) freshly picked from the garden. Mint can be added to many food dishes, it can add freshness to a summer lemonade, and it is helpful in supporting a variety of wellness conditions. From well-known peppermint (Mentha x piperita) and spearmint (Mentha…

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  ON July 15,2019

How To Make A Summer Garden Bath Tea

What’s better than unwinding into a summer garden bath tea? Much like drinking herbal teas, herbal bath teas can also be enjoyed long past the last sip, or in this case, soak. You see, when you soak in a relaxing herbal bath tea, not only does your skin soak in the calming, stress-relieving herbal benefits,…

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12 Permaculture Principles to Use When Planning Your Herb Garden | Herbal Academy | Permaculture principles are not just a way of growing things, they're a way of life. Here's 12 suggestions to assist you in your herb garden planning.
  ON April 24,2018

12 Permaculture Principles to Use When Planning Your Herb Garden

Permaculture is not just a way of growing things. It is a movement — a way of life. Permaculture has its origins across many cultures, spanning the history of humanity. In the 1970s Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren defined and organized it into what we now know by the term “permaculture,” which means “permanent…

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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Herb Garden | Herbal Academy | Keep these things in mind when planning your herb garden. Herb gardens are a wonderful way to use fresh herbs when cooking and making home remedies!
  ON May 26,2017

7 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Herb Garden

Growing an herb garden is a wonderful way to have fresh herbs on hand for cooking, making home remedies, and enjoying nature for its bounty. If you have a large or small yard, or no yard at all, herbs are easy to grow indoors and outdoors with the right amount soil, sunshine, drainage, and attention….

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  ON August 31,2015

How to Craft the Perfect Herb Planter

Earth is home to an incredible array of natural herbs that have been integral to society for as far as we can see into the past. Herbalism is a proud tradition of knowledge, community with nature, and responsibility. Herbs are available for such a myriad of uses that it is nearly impossible not to encounter…

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