The Most Inconspicuous Plant You Can Forage Now! | Herbal Academy | Learn how to forage chickweed in today's article! Also, strengthen your plant identification skills of 25 herbs with our Botany & Wildcrafting Course.
  ON May 03,2018

The Most Inconspicuous Plant You Can Forage Now!

Our new Botany & Wildcrafting Course is here, and we’re so excited about this course! Not only will it provide you with an introduction to plant biology and ecology, but it will help you strengthen your plant identification skills and help you understand and practice sound wildcrafting ethics and techniques as well. In this course,…

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  ON September 22,2015

4 Methods of Seasonal Food Preservation

Eating foods that are produced locally is a wonderful way to eat well without spending a lot. Eating locally often means eating seasonally as well, and prices are often lower for fruits and vegetables that are in season. If you are open to exploring methods of seasonal food preservation, you have the option to buy more food…

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flower drying screen
  ON August 04,2015

How to Make an Herb and Flower Drying Screen

Growing your own medicinal, culinary, or otherwise useful herbs and flowers is a rewarding experience. The act of planting the seeds, nurturing and watering them as they grow, then harvesting the fruits of your labor for your natural health medicine cabinet is so fulfilling. It’s nice to know that you have all of the great…

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easy ways to dry herbs
  ON September 16,2013

3 Easy Ways To Dry Herbs

As summer winds down, things change. The children go back to school, the days are getting shorter, and gardening season is drawing to a close. Given this, you may be wondering what to do with the herbal bounty still growing in your garden. Must you make pesto with all of your basil? Must you take…

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