Tips on Balancing the Heart Chakra | Herbal Academy | Learn what the heart chakra is and tips on how to balance it with herbs and nature.
  ON August 17,2016

Tips On Balancing The Heart Chakra

Our fourth or heart chakra is the middle chakra. It brings together the three lower chakras:  root (survival), sacral (sexuality and creativity), and solar plexus (personal power and identity) with the three higher chakras: throat (truthful speech), third eye (intuition and knowing), and the crown (spirituality). As you might suspect, the heart chakra has much…

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  ON March 03,2015

Can You Be Green and Glamorous? Part II

Editorial Note: This is the second part of a two-part post focusing on the use of cosmetics and personal care products. This post examines natural products and environmental impacts; the first part explored the subject of animal testing and cruelty-free alternatives. For many people, the idea of natural health and beauty products conjures up images of hippies…

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  ON January 30,2015

Can You Be Green and Glamorous?

Editorial Note: This is the first part of a two-part post exploring the realities of the cosmetics and personal care product industry. The first part focuses on animal testing and cruelty-free alternatives. The second post will delve deeper into natural products and environmental impacts.  As human beings, we are multi-faceted creatures. But what happened when…

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  ON November 12,2014

Green Travel Tips for Happy Vacationing

For me, travel can be a double-edged sword—relaxing and blissful yet stressful and anxiety-inducing. With that in mind, I used a recent vacation as an experiment in being green and staying sane while traveling. Planning ahead may sound obvious, but simple things are often overlooked in the face of excitement and spontaneity. Feeling unprepared can…

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