ON October 07,2022

Troubleshooting Fire Cider: Answering Your Questions

Fire cider is a beloved and potent wellness tonic known for giving the immune system a powerful kick. Made from a variety of herbs infused into apple cider vinegar, a classic herbalist’s recipe is easy to make, convenient to dose, and a delight to the tastebuds.  Here at the Herbal Academy, we’ve been sharing our…

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How To Make Homemade Fire Cider | Herbal Academy | 'Tis the season to make homemade fire cider! A shot glass of this a day is a great defense against colds and flu, and it also acts as a decongestant!
  ON December 21,2016

How To Make Homemade Fire Cider (With Video!)

While some think of this time of year as holiday season, I tend to think of it as the season to make homemade fire cider! Fire cider is a traditional immune-supporting remedy with deep roots in folk medicine (but most popularly championed by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar). At its most basic, it’s a zesty infused vinegar,…

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  ON August 20,2015

Prepare for Fall with an Herbal Transition Kit

Late August is a time of transition, as summer is drawing to a close and a new school year begins. We know that many herbs are important allies during transitions, easing the stress and helping us settle into new routines. Creating an Herbal Transition Kit With that in mind, we can assemble an herbal transition…

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