ON May 11,2021

Love Your Liver Herbal Tincture

Urban dwellers should consider an herbal liver tincture as part of their daily routine. When living in an environment where air quality, pollutants, and water quality are more of a daily challenge, it’s vital to ensure that your liver is functioning in tip-top shape. The liver carries over 500 functions in the body and is…

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How To Use Morphology To Describe Plants | Herbal Academy | Do you know that the topic of plant morphology should matter to the plant enthusiast? We're looking at various ways to see morphology in action.
  ON May 24,2018

How To Use Morphology to Describe Plants

With an awareness of the many forms that plants, flowers, and leaves come in, a hike in the woods or a stroll through a garden can transform from a blur of green to a diverse exhibit of morphology. With attention to morphology, along with an understanding of binomial nomenclature and the evolutionary relationships that plant…

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Creating a Local Materia Medica with Burdock | Herbal Academy | Learn how you can use burdock for food and medicine as part of your local materia media.
  ON October 19,2016

Creating a Local Materia Medica with Burdock

Most of us know burdock, even if we don’t realize we know burdock. This plant’s ingenious seed dispersal system—its clingy burrs—demands we pay attention eventually, for example, when removing them from our clothes, our hair, or deep in our dog’s plush fur. Inconvenience aside, you’ve got to give burdock credit for ingenuity. Swiss engineer George…

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Autumn Wildharvesting Guide: Medicinal Roots | Herbal Academy | Fall is when we harvest medicinal roots, find our autumn wildharvesting guide to roots here. Berries, fruits, seeds, and herbs are in the complete guide.
  ON October 16,2015

Autumn Wildharvesting Guide: Herbal Roots

Fall is the best time to harvest the roots, some berries, flowers, and cold weather herbs that we miss once the heat of summer comes in. This article will act as your fall wildharvesting guide, featuring herbal roots that are available during the season. Get the full Autumn Wildharvesting Guide, featuring fruits, berries, flowers, herbs, seeds, and…

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