Botany Beginnings: Who was Theophrastus? | Herbal Academy | Theophrastus is known as the “father of botany” because his descriptive writings helped create a new frontier in scientific botanical terminology.
  ON July 21,2020

Botany Beginnings: Who was Theophrastus?

Approximately 2,300 years ago, a time which we can somewhat imagine through the marble monuments still standing and the relatively few parchments that have survived, a person named Theophrastus (c. 370 BCE – c. 287 BCE) reportedly wrote 227 books about animals, trees, shrubs, fruits, and flowers. Although he wasn’t the only scientific writer at…

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How To Use Morphology To Describe Plants | Herbal Academy | Do you know that the topic of plant morphology should matter to the plant enthusiast? We're looking at various ways to see morphology in action.
  ON May 24,2018

How To Use Morphology to Describe Plants

With an awareness of the many forms that plants, flowers, and leaves come in, a hike in the woods or a stroll through a garden can transform from a blur of green to a diverse exhibit of morphology. With attention to morphology, along with an understanding of binomial nomenclature and the evolutionary relationships that plant…

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The Most Inconspicuous Plant You Can Forage Now! | Herbal Academy | Learn how to forage chickweed in today's article! Also, strengthen your plant identification skills of 25 herbs with our Botany & Wildcrafting Course.
  ON May 03,2018

The Most Inconspicuous Plant You Can Forage Now!

Our new Botany & Wildcrafting Course is here, and we’re so excited about this course! Not only will it provide you with an introduction to plant biology and ecology, but it will help you strengthen your plant identification skills and help you understand and practice sound wildcrafting ethics and techniques as well. In this course,…

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How To Harvest Bark From Trees and Shrubs Correctly | Herbal Academy | Ever wanted to harvest bark from trees or shrubs? In this post, we'll teach you four bark harvesting rules to follow so you can harvest bark correctly.
  ON April 19,2018

How To Harvest Bark From Trees and Shrubs Correctly

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to harvest bark from trees or shrubs, you’re not alone. Bark is commonly used in herbal preparations, but the idea of harvesting barks can be rather confusing. How exactly does one go about harvesting barks from trees or shrubs in an ethical and sustainable manner? In the article…

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12 Best Botany Words to Use in Your Herbal Studies | Herbal Academy | It’s handy to know a few of the more unusual botanical terms. These are the botany words you might come across when you are identifying a new plant.
  ON September 18,2015

12 Best Botany Words for Your Herbal Studies

Most of the time, the words we use to describe our herbs are fairly straightforward: calendula petals, mint leaves, and ginger root. Leaves, petals, and roots are parts of plants familiar to most people, even if they aren’t gardeners, herbalists, or botanists. And for most purposes, that’s as technical as you need to be. Other…

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  ON August 27,2015

Basic Botany: Describing Leaves

There’s a lot going on in a leaf. Thousands of chemical reactions occur in each one as part of photosynthesis – the process plants use to turn sunlight into energy. Each plant develops their own unique blend of ingredients from sunlight, water, and the nutrients they pull from the soil. The unique makeup of each…

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  ON August 06,2015

Learning About The Rose Family With Kids

Did you know that the beautiful rose is part of a large family of plants that many of us know and love? The Rosaceae family, among its many members, is comprised of plants such as hawthorn, apple, pear, strawberry, and raspberry as well as plants with stone fruits like peach, cherry, plum, and even almonds….

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