ON July 16,2021

Botanical Vegan Tamales Recipe

This vegan tamales recipe is a fun twist on traditional tamales. I love how the edible flower colors and shapes appear to be painted on the masa after steaming. The spiced and hibiscus-infused jackfruit is a pleasing plant-based close companion in taste and texture to carnitas. You might find it more refreshing as a light…

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How To Make Framed Botanicals to Decorate Your Home | Herbal Academy | Bring plants into your home in a whole new way by decorating your walls with framed botanicals. Get the steps and details here.
  ON July 16,2018

How To Make Framed Botanicals to Decorate Your Home

Framed botanicals in your home can conjure up memories of summer’s floral bounty, even in the depths of winter. Try framing a collection of wellness supporting herbs to serve as a decorative herbarium or frame culinary herbs to hang in the kitchen or give as a gift to a food-loving friend. Framed botanicals can also serve…

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