How to Build a Culinary Kitchen for Herbalists by Herbal Academy
  ON April 18,2024

How to Build a Culinary Kitchen for Herbalists

The following excerpt is taken from the book Foraged & Grown by Tara Lanich-LaBrie. Tara takes us on a culinary kitchen journey to reconnect with our body and the natural world with 100 plant-inspired recipes. Foraged and Grown is a herbalist’s culinary kitchen journey through the seasons with recipes that highlight herbal ingredients and share…

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How to Choose Herbs for Sleep by Herbal Academy
  ON April 02,2024

How to Choose Herbs for Sleep

In her new book, Herbal Remedies for Sleep: How to Use Healing Herbs And Natural Therapies to Ease Stress, Promote Relaxation, and Encourage Healthy Sleep Habits, Maria Noel Groves, RH(AHG), weaves her surefooted experience with lifestyle choices, herbal supports, practical tips for herbal usage, and a treasure trove of enticing recipes to help readers feel…

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Lesser-Known Uses of Sunflower: National Geographic Herbal by Herbal Academy
  ON November 07,2023

Lesser-Known Uses of Sunflower: National Geographic Herbal

In National Geographic Herbal, herbalist and author Mimi Prunella Hernandez, RH(AHG), shares her passion for discovering both global traditions and local wisdom surrounding various herbs and spices and is the perfect guide through a worldwide spectrum of perspectives in herbalism. Exploring the benefits of common weeds like dandelion and red clover, as well as little-appreciated…

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A Simple Incense Recipe Using Ethically Sourced Herbs by Herbal Academy
  ON October 06,2023

A Simple Incense Recipe Using Ethically Sourced Herbs

In Earth Medicines: Ancestral Wisdom, Healing Recipes, and Wellness Rituals from a Curandera, traditional healer, storyteller, and Indigenous foods activist Felicia Cocotzin Ruiz invites readers to connect with the the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water that are so deeply integral to her curanderismo tradition. Felicia shares many aspects that shape her own personal practice,…

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Connecting With the Season of Roots | The Herbal Academy | Different plants are at their peak during certain times of their growing seasons. Learn to connect with the roots of each season.
  ON July 31,2023

5 Common Spices to Use for Everyday Health

The following excerpt, 5 Common Spices to Use for Everyday Health, is taken from Spice Apothecary© by Bevin Clare. Used with permission from Storey Publishing. HEALTHY CONNECTIONS: SKIN, BONES, AND JOINTS Our skin is the organ that interacts most with the world. A dynamic and responsive organ, it contends with all kinds of impacts and…

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  ON September 06,2022

The Core Carrier Oils: How to Store Them Properly

This excerpt on core carrier oils is from the book The Carrier Oil Palette by Jade Shutes and Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach and is reprinted with permission from The School for Aromatic Studies. Carrier Oil Storage Carrier oils deteriorate via two separate processes: oxidation and spoilage. To prevent such deterioration, you must protect carrier oils from light,…

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  ON July 22,2022

How to Make Lavender Wands

Extract from The Wild Craft by Catarina Seixas, published in 2022 by Hardie Grant Publishing. Photographs © Ana Zilhão Some years ago, while exploring an old, abandoned house, I opened a drawer and found a lavender wand inside. I brought it up to my nose and instinctively inhaled the sweet fragrance deeply, even though the passing…

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