Kid-Friendly Body Care (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 5) | Herbal Academy | Join us for some good, squeaky clean fun making kid-friendly body care!
  ON August 01,2016

Kid-Friendly Body Care (Family Herbal Summer Series: Part 5)

It’s week five for our super fun Family Herbal Summer Series, and I am so glad your family is joining us. This week we get to incorporate all of our learning into good, squeaky-clean fun by making kid-friendly body care! Herbs are great fun to use in body care products, easily lending their beneficial properties…

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  ON October 08,2015

Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinses

Every season provides a new way to strain and damage your hair. The sand and salt water of the ocean in summer can leave you with lusterless locks. The winter winds and ice leave your hair crispy and exhausted. The humid days bring frizz and fuss to anyone who dares step outside. Whenever I notice…

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  ON September 21,2015

7 DIY Herbal Skincare Recipes for Fall & Winter

As seasons change, so does the way we care for and nourish ourselves, as well as what we put in and on our bodies. Spring and summer bring fresh, cooling foods, while autumn and winter introduce heavy, nutrient-dense foods that warm and fill the body and spirit. Spring is often a time of rebirth, activity,…

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  ON July 14,2015

Host A Kid’s DIY Spa Day In Your Backyard

When you are a kid, nothing is much more fun than making a mess! A squishy, messy backyard DIY spa day party full of wet fun is a perfect way to spend a hot summer day with friends. This summer activity is great for kids age 2 ½ to 6, or you can modify it…

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Herbal Body Care
  ON April 21,2015

5 Herbal Body Care Products to Buy or DIY

Do you enjoy making your own herbal bath and body care products at home? Making luscious lotions, healing salves, heavenly soaps and other goodies can be rewarding, but usually DIY instructions are for bulk batches that make several bottles, jars, or bars of one recipe at once. Sometimes it’s nice to have a favorite herbal…

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  ON April 08,2015

DIY Fine and Dandy Facial Serum

My son and I were out on our walk the other day, and I realized we’re full blown in the middle of spring here in Texas. Everywhere I turn, I am seeing dandelions pop up all over the place! Last spring I taught you how to Sweeten Your Breakfast with Dandelion Flower Syrup, so I…

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  ON March 20,2015

Herbal Remedies for Dry Skin: 3 Simple Recipes

Most of us have dealt with dry skin at some point in our lives, and for many of us, this concern intensifies during winter. Even though spring is just around the corner, if you are still dealing with the drying effects of cold air and indoor heat on your skin, here are some natural options…

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