ON August 07,2019

The Beginner’s Guide To Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) root is known by a number of names, including Indian ginseng and winter cherry, and its usages are even more plentiful than its aliases.  Ashwagandha has become increasingly popular for its many applications as a tonifying (strengthening) herb and is one of the premier rasayanas, or rejuvenating herbs, in Ayurveda.  This cream-colored…

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Adding Devil’s Club to your Materia Medica | Herbal Academy | Devil's club is a useful plant to have in one's materia medica. In this post, we'll explore and deepen our knowledge and understanding of this herbal ally.
  ON November 06,2018

Adding Devil’s Club to your Materia Medica

When I first saw devil’s club in the wild woods, I had no idea what it was, but I was immediately entranced by it. The thick, yellowish-white stalk, wrapped in huge spines, was taller than me, and at the top, there sprouted several foot-long, alternate, umbrella-shaped leaves that also had numerous spines along the top…

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7 Ways To Use Tulsi Everyday | Herbal Academy | Since tulsi is becoming a more popular herb around the world, we've put together 7 ways you can use tulsi everyday at home.
  ON February 01,2018

7 Ways To Use Tulsi Everyday

There is a reason why “holy basil” is another common name for tulsi (Ocimum sanctum). Hindu culture even considers tulsi to be “The Queen of the Herbs” and a manifestation of the goddess Lakshmi in plant form (Krishna & Amirthalingam, 2014). But why exactly is tulsi considered to be so sacred? With an abundance of…

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How To Nip Holiday Stress In The Bud | Herbal Academy | Are you taking time for self-care during this busy time of year? Here are some tips to help you nip holiday stress in the bud, including a recipe!
  ON November 10,2017

How To Nip Holiday Stress In The Bud

The holiday season is a double-edged sword—festive and heartwarming on the one hand, a mad dash of colossal proportions on the other. We tell ourselves that all the work is worth the effort, but when we’re left exhausted and crabby, holiday spirit is about the furthest thing from our minds (and hearts). How do we…

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Creating a Local Materia Medica with Holy Basil | Herbal Academy | Holy basil is part of the mint family and is useful for fighting stress and aging. Learn the other many uses of this plant for your local materia medica!
  ON September 30,2016

Creating a Local Materia Medica: Holy Basil

There is an herb in my local materia medica that is not native to my area, does not grow wild, isn’t hardy here in New England, and isn’t perennial—it requires annual seeding in the garden and is sensitive to frost. Despite these limitations, I am undeniably, profusely, and irrevocably in love with holy basil, and…

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