4 Aug 2014

Starting a Keyhole Garden

Gardening is a passion that has resurfaced with a vengeance in recent years. Whether it’s to save money on veggies and fruits, or a purposeful garden to avoid GMOs, getting dirt under your fingernails in the garden is catching on. With so many newcomers to the gardening game, it’s no surprise that there are many new ways to garden. One of these ways is called a keyhole garden.

In essence, a keyhole garden is a raised planting area, complete with a basic drainage component and a composting bin in the middle, to ensure equal distribution of nutrients. With the keyhole being in the center, you’re able to access the entire garden, along with the compost area, in a few short steps.

Source: Fix.com

No matter how you divide your keyhole garden, whether into pie-shaped sections, or square foot sections, the ease of the keyhole garden – and the impressive results – are well worth the labor. With a few primitive tools, weather-proof materials, and a few hours, you’ll have a functioning keyhole garden in no time.