30 Jan 2017

Free Pages for your Materia Medica

If the concept of creating a materia medica is somewhat new for you, we welcome you to learn more on the blog with our post What is a Materia Medica? The Herbal Academy materia medica is compiled in The Herbarium, our online plant monograph database. If you’re already a member of The Herbarium, you are familiar with our monographs there and can use those to support your studies. If you’re not a member, you can get a sneak peek at our savory and holy basil monographs below to give you a sense of how we organize our monographs.
From the Savory Monograph:
In ancient Rome, summer savory was linked to mythological satyrs, the lustful half-man, half-goat creatures who worshiped the God of Wine, Dionysus. This association led Romans to believe that summer savory was an aphrodisiac and the winter savory was a sexual depressant…
From the Holy Basil Monograph:
Energetically, holy basil is warming/cooling with a sweet, pungent taste. Holy basil is indicated for cold, congested, stuck conditions due to the stimulating effects of its volatile oils. As a nervine, it is initially stimulating, but then brings a calm and reassuring sense of solidity and groundedness that helps quiet the mind, collect distracted thoughts into focus, and give one a sense of resilience for the long haul…
You can also see how one herbalist approached her materia medica project with our local materia medica series on the blog.
Herbal Monograph journal for herbalists - Materia Medica Journal

Start Building your Materia Medica with these free pages!

If you want to get started compiling some herbal monographs for yourself, we’re including a free download of the materia medica pages from our beautifully designed Materia Medica Journal. You are welcome to download and print this black and white herbal monograph spread to get your materia medica started!
The Materia Medica Journal by Herbal Academy

A Treasured Keepsake for your Plant Studies

You can also choose to purchase the bound Materia Medica Journal on our website! A companion offering to the Herbal Materia Medica Course, we have designed this journal as a repository in which to compile all of the information you gather as you study plants one at a time. With the ability to accommodate 50 botanical monographs and room for additional notes, the journal also contains many of the useful reference charts from the Herbal Materia Medica Course including those on plant identification, herbal safety, and researching tips and tricks. It’s a great way to organize and inspire your materia medica information!
Learn more about the Materia Medica Journal!