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How to Source Sustainable Seaweed | Herbal Academy | Sustainable seaweed is kind to the planet and can make a delicious, nutritious addition to your soups, salads, smoothies, and baked goods!
  ON May 19,2021

How to Source Sustainable Seaweed

Seaweed has been farmed in Japan since at least the 17th century (“Seaweed Farming”, n.d.), when farmers cast bamboo branches into shallow waters where seaweed spores would collect. But its use as a food source stretches back much further, with archaeologists discovering that the coastal people of Monte Verde, Chile harvested and consumed seaweed as early as 21,000…

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How to be an Environmentally Sustainable Herbalist | Herbal Academy | Here are 4 ways you can be an environmentally sustainable herbalist by being mindful of where plants we use come from and how they are grown.
  ON February 22,2018

How to be an Environmentally Sustainable Herbalist

Herbalists often come to this enchanting practice via a connection to plants and care for the earth. Many will find that the study of plants and their benefits leads to the development of a connection on a deeper level. From this blooms a relationship that often looks beyond what plants can do for us, and…

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  ON April 23,2015

Learning to Define Sustainability: Lessons for Essential Oil Consumers

The Elephant in the Room Define sustainability. “Sustainability” is a not-so-new term floating around the shelves of our global economy, hot on the tongue of marketers and advertisers ready to sell us the next best thing to organic. Within the natural products industry, “sustainability” is a concept that appears in many dressed-up forms. For example, when…

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